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Laughter Yoga Leader Training In-Person with Robert Rivest

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Robert Rivest's 2024



Laughter Yoga Leader Training &

Laughter Refresher:  

Date: September 21-22, 2024

Times: 9:30am-4:30pm ET USA NY Time

Location: Farmington, CT 

Fee: $400 Laughter Yoga Leader Training

$200 Laughter Refresher

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Laughter Yoga Leader Training &

Laughter Refresher:  

June 1-2, 2024 (Online)

9:30am-4:30pm EST USA NY Time 

Fee: $400 Laughter Yoga Leader Training

$200 Laughter Refresher

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You can book an In-Person or Online Laughter Training for your group with Robert, anytime you like. 


Laughter Yoga Leader Training with Robert Rivest 



 Robert Rivest’s mission is to cultivate peace, love, laughter & joy and spread it around the world.


“Training with Robert Rivest was an absolutely wonderful introduction to Laughing Yoga. His years of practice and training in Laughter Yoga, martial arts and being a Mime add such a rich foundation from which to leap from. The stories and teaching skills cultivated from his years of experience are truly inspirational;clear, simple, humble and kind. I value learning from an individual that lives what he teaches. Robert Rivest is the real deal. He creates space for an open heart and an open mind, daily. He sends you off into the world of Laughter Yoga with total support and access to lots of wonderful information and contacts! I highly recommend this training!"

Jessie Peck Massage Therapist and Elder care, Tenants Harbor, Maine and Sedona, Az.


If you are interested in attending one of Robert Rivest's Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings/events or would like to host one near you

Please contact Robert: Email: ROBERT RIVEST Phone: 413-519-2256 

Join Robert Rivest and friends for two joyful days days of learning, laughing, creating and exploring.  As a comic mime artist and mindfulness educator and tai-chi teacher, Robert Rivest has been leading creative, stress relief workshops for over 30 years. His Laughter Yoga Leader trainings are fun, informative, and inspirational celebrations of joy.

Participants of Robert Rivest's Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training will learn how to:


  • Laugh more easily and more often.
  • Develop a personal "Laughter for wellness" practice.
  • Bring more laughter to your co-workers, friends and family.
  • Lead Laughter Yoga classes, clubs, workshops, and seminars.
  • Offer Venue specific Laughter Yoga sessions in a wide variety of venues.
  • Confidently bring health, laughter and joy to people of all ages and abilities.


Robert Rivest offers Certified Laughter Yoga Leader trainings for: Individuals, Groups, Companies, Corporations, Hospitals, Health Care Facilities, Non-profits. He trains people year round and on site. With this training you will be able to confidently share the joy of Laughter Yoga (and all it's health benefits) with your organization, group, clients, family and friends! 

Graduates receive a 120 page Laughter Yoga Leader Manual and an official certification from The Laughter Yoga International University signed by Dr. Kataria and Robert Rivest. This certification will qualify you to lead Laughter Yoga classes, workshops, seminars and Laughter Clubs. Plus, it is so much fun! Can you imagine laughing, playing, learning and sharing the joy of laughter for two days with a great group of people!

ONLINE FEE: $350 per person 
2 day Laughter Yoga Leader Training Certification Program 


Robert Rivest Certifies Laughter Yoga Leaders on demand!

You can book an In-Person or Online Laughter Training for your group with Robert, anytime you like. 

If you have a group of 5 -10 people or more, Robert will lead a 2 day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training at your site or bring everyone to Robert's in Western MA, U.S.A.

Laughter Yoga Leader Training            CLYL Training Testimonials

Robert Rivest's next Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training is being planned.

Email him today, if you are interested in having him train your group at your site or if you would like to be contacted for the next one in Western, MA.


Contact Robert: Email: ROBERT RIVEST Phone: 413-519-2256 



Robert Rivest is an internationally admired Laughter Yoga Teacher and Certified Master Trainer. He is a renowned comic mime artist, an accomplished health, literacy and stress relief educator, and an engaging public speaker. Robert's teaching style is influenced by a 25 year practice of Mindfulness Meditation, Tai-Chi and Qigong. Since 1985, he has given over 8,000 presentations in Europe, Asia, Africa and across the U.S.  His keynotes, trainings, retreats, and “Laugh- Along” YouTube videos have helped thousands of people around the world feel healthier and happier.

Robert is dedicated to sharing peace, laughter and joy around the world.  His programs bring health, levity and stress relief to people of all ages, backgrounds and sensibilities! Robert Rivest’s Laughter Yoga Teacher & Leader Trainings are fun, informative and inspiring. Laugh with him in the U.S.A or bring him to your country!

Services Offered: Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Trainings & Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings, Motivational Keynotes, Corporate Wellness Programs,  Staff Stress Relief programs, School Programs, College Programs, Public Awareness Seminars, Mindful Living & Laughter Retreats, One on One Coaching, Laughter Fitness Training for Athletes, Artists & Performing Artists, Laughter & Health Programs for Seniors/Hospitals/Clinics/Support Groups  . . . and more.



 One on One Coaching with Robert Rivest

“A coaching session with Robert is like the sunrise. It opens your heart and makes you feel so optimistic and hopeful. Robert is an excellent teacher with so many skills. I felt blessed to learn easy ways to incorporate a program to add to my practice and to share with others. Highly recommend a coaching session with Robert Rivest.” -Dave Gulick Qigong Teacher



Robert Rivest

Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training Testimonials 


Robert's style of teaching is filled with love, kindness, generosity and nourishment, while also bubbling with laughter and learning.  The space he creates is one that is inclusive, and welcoming.  So much joy and laughter has radiated through me in this training, and so much more to come through implementing the techniques I've learned from Robert.  Much love.  Much laughter.  Much joy.

(Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training Participant)

Bam! I loved how we started this training immediately with laughter yoga AND that you told us just to enjoy the moment and be present. This was a personal gift as well as the benefit of establishing connections with you and other participants.
Meeting 1 on 1 and then in larger laughter groups was briallant. 
I am so excited about the 40 day laughter challenge!! I am excited too about being more spontaneous and "surprising myself"  when I initiate laughter exercises. I have a positive feeling of emptiness. I am excited to see how this training influences my life and laughter club. Gratitude!!
Your joy is contangeous!!
With gratitude, love and laughter,
Mary Ann

(Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training Participant)


Since I am in a healing process, I needed to be mindful of self care during the two days of online laughter yoga leader training. Robert's teaching style and compassionate understanding allowed me to complete a 7 hour a day, 2 day course with a sense of ease knowing I could balance my physical needs while still learning all the course material. I went in nervous and worried about whether or not I could finish.  It's been years since I did a training, course or work event for this long of a time period and I did it!

The energy I got from the class, both from Robert and my fellow classmates, was the energy of pure joy and love and I know that helped me be engaged in the healthiest way possible.  


(Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training Participant)

Robert, I like that your style of teaching is both reassuring and relaxing.  I don’t feel pressured to go beyond my comfort levels while at the same time I am encouraged to do so.

I very much enjoyed the Sitting Laughter Yoga. I felt comfortable. My favorite part was the smiling-breathing. It’s doable and it’s calming. I know that the act of smiling can lift the spirits and I do it often. 

Thank you for your compassionate and generous guidance and teaching. 

Jan Fehribach

(Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training Participant)

Working with Robert is an incredible experience! 
I struggled for years, feeling like I could not laugh comfortably; in my body, and especially in social situations. With his compassionate guidance, and mindful breathing exercises, I found the space to laugh deeply and openly. Whatever mood I'm in, and with whoever I happen to be around, I can find a peaceful place within to laugh my stress away.
Robert's Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training is a must for a healing professional like myself. His comedic improvisational style gave me the freedom to flow naturally through the exercises, and gain the confidence needed to lead others towards finding their laughter and joy. 
- JoJo :)

(Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training Participant)

"Laughter yoga leader training online with Robert Rivest has been the most magical experience. I've felt an enormous sense of weightlessness and joy as I've been a part of this training, and I can't wait to share that with others as a certified Laughter Yoga leader. Through the 2-Day Laughter Yoga training course, I've learned just how contagious laughter is and how limitless and freeing it feels it is to be able to laugh anytime, anywhere without fear or judgment. 
As an instructor and as a person, Robert conveys a natural and powerful sense of authenticity that helped me feel comfortable being silly and playful right from the start of the course. You can clearly tell that he lives and breathes Laughter Yoga and that he is very skilled at helping his audience and trainees tap into their authentic laughter and happiness. If I can feel this fantastic after a 2-day course, I can't wait to make laughter a part of my daily life and to help others share in this contagious, joyous experience. Thank you, Robert!!"

Best wishes,

(Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training Participant)

I am grateful for this amazing experience! 
Grateful for meeting new awesome and free people and grateful for your amazing energy and capacity to inspire. 
I appreciate that you are authentic and express yourself as you are. This is a reminder for me to express myself freely without the fear of being judged. 
I felt safe to be myself, I felt like we know each other since forever and that energy of love and support is something you are able to create so organic and so freely. 
Also, your training is very practical and give me the tools and mindset perfect for starting a laughter yoga session by myself. 
Thank you so much Robert! 
You are amazing! 
Andrada C

(Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training Participant)

I found my way to Robert Rivest’s Laughter Yoga through his Videos on his channel.
I was going through a hard time and a dark chapter of my life and really had not much to laugh about or nor anyone to laugh with.
So I can say, Robert’s loving smile and his tender invitation to feel free and feel good again, right in this moment, unconditionally not only helped me out, it was a complete game-changer to my whole life and changed the focus and the intension of my work as an artist and as a coach.
What I love the most about his personal style of teaching laughter Yoga is the mindfulness and playfulness he brings in and this calm and authentic way to make you feel welcome to express yourself through not only your laughter but throut your body and your beeing just the way you are.
I am sure it will make a huge difference for so much people, especially nowadays to lighten the load and gain some new perspectives and I'm glad and thankful, to be now part of this huge movement.
Robert, thanks so much for the blissful inspiration,
Lots of love,

(Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training Participant)

Robert, I am grateful for your Laughter Yoga course. Laughter and courage are contagious. 
Laughter yoga leader training online takes you out of your comfort zone on many levels. Robert’s spontaneous style not only summons laughter, but generates the courage to do something that heals and breaks through barriers emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

   Laughter yoga allows loving kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity to emerge. 

   A little courage over comfort pays big dividends. It’s to laugh. 

Thank you 

(Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training Participant)


I am just overjoyed how this laughter yoga training has made me feel! The ability to share this with others is a gift I will never forget or let go of. Robert, your sincerity, your integrity and professionalism are everything I hope to mirror. You have brought these people together in a non threatening environment that has helped us all to grow as human beings ready to help others through this phenomenal experience. 
I can’t thank you enough for unlocking a gate to a new path I can travel down!
Love and Laughter, 

(Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training Participant)



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