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Laughter Yoga Educational Videos

Robert Rivest is on a mission to cultivate peace, love, laughter and joy and share it around the world. He has helped thousands of people laugh, smile, and relieve stress though his free online videos. Donations are gratefully accepted. Click donate botton or contact Robert Rivest to donate. 


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Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Laughter Refresher: 

October 22-23, 2022 (Virtual Online Zoom)


Mime Skills for Laughter Friends

November 27, 2022 (Virtual Online Zoom)




This video page has several of Robert Rivest's Educational Laughter Yoga Videos. You will learn what Laughter Yoga is, how to do it, why to do it and how to enjoy Laughter Yoga's many mind-body health benefits. Also see Robert's page of 40 Free Laugh Along Laughter Yoga videos at: Laugh Along with Robert Rivest >

Why Do Laughter Yoga?

In “Why do Laughter Yoga” master laugher Robert Rivest highlights the health benefits of Laughter Yoga and offers some great reasons to practice Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga is a very powerful wellness tool! 15-20 min of laughter a day can: Boost your immune system Increase oxygen intake Release "feel good" endorphins and serotonin Regulate Blood Pressure Promote emotional growth Relieve mind-body stress More at: Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga in 4 Easy Steps!

World renowned laughter expert Robert Rivest, shares the 4 Basic Steps of Laughter Yoga. 1. Clapping and Chanting 2. Laughter Yoga Breathing 3. Childlike Playfulness 4. Laughter Yoga Exercises

Laughter Yoga 40 Foundation Exercises (Quick Review for CLYL Training)

Learn, laugh and review the Laughter Yoga 40 Foundation Exercises with joyful Laughter Yoga teacher Robert Rivest! 40 Laughter Yoga exercises in 8 minutes! Intended as a quick reference for new Laughter Yoga Leaders and LY teachers looking for ideas for Laughter Yoga sessions or Laughter Club. Have fun :) Robert teaches many variations of the 40 Foundation Laughter Yoga exercises and his original Laughter Yoga exercises in his CLYL trainings. Laughter Yoga Trainings/Seminars/Events

Laughter Yoga 40 Foundation Exercises Laugh Along Video with Robert Rivest

Learn all 40 of the Laughter Yoga Foundation Exercises while laughing your head off with Robert Rivest! Laugh along with one of the world's most entertaining Laughter Yoga Teachers & his Laughter Yoga Leader Trainees, as you learn 40 fun laughter yoga exercises.

Laughter Yoga Breathing Exercises Robert Rivest

Breathing Exercises for Laughter Yoga Sessions w/ Robert Rivest and friends from his NY Laughter Yoga Teacher Training. Here are several Laughter Yoga Breathing Exercises that are great for Laughter Yoga Sessions, Laughter Yoga Classes, Laughter Yoga Workshops, Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings and Laughter Yoga Teacher Trainings. This video can also be used as a Laughter Yoga Breathing Exercise Follow Along. It feels Great!

Laughter Yoga Session

Laughter Yoga warm-up, Laughter Yoga exercises, Laughter Meditation . . . A fun collection of exercises from Robert Rivest's Laughter Yoga Leader Training. The focus, tone, and exercises of Robert Rivest's Laughter Yoga Sessions are custom-made to fit the needs and sensibilities of each group! From senior Chair Laughter Yoga to staff stress relief to high energy fitness Laughter Yoga Robert can create a perfect program for your needs.

Laughter Yoga TV Teaser

A quick clip of Robert Rivest demonstrating what Laughter Yoga is on MassAppeal TV show. His positive "laughter energy" is contagious and watching these two television hosts do Laughter Yoga is pretty funny. Also see Robert's page of 10 free laugh along Laughter Yoga videos at: Laugh Along with Robert Rivest

Laughter Yoga with Conference Audience

Robert Rivest offers staff development and staff appreciation programs that move, motivate, uplift and boost morale! Robert's comic keynotes, creative stress relief programs and "Laughter in the Workplace" workshops offer new and refreshing ways to: Improve morale Build team spirit Relieve stress Develop a positive work environment Boost productivity and efficiency Promote a healthier, happier workforce More at:: Laughter Keynotes

Chair Laughter Yoga - Robert Rivest Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

Chair Laughter Yoga Session with Robert Rivest Laughter Yoga Master Trainer. Seated Laughter & Stress Relief, Gentle Laughter Yoga, Beginner Laughter Yoga, Laughter Yoga for Staff Stress Relief, Laughter Yoga for Seniors. New Laughter Yoga Exercises. Assisted Living Laughter Yoga, Easy to learn Laughter Yoga.

"Laughter Song" by Robert Rivest

“Laughter Song” performed by Robert Rivest, Scott Bierko and Beth Bierko. Ho, ho, ha, ha, he, he, Ho, ho, ha, ha, he, he, Ho, ho, ha, ha, he, he, Everybody’s singing the laughter song! Ah hoooo, ha, ha, heee, heee, Ah hoooo, ha, ha, heee, heee, Ah hoho ah haha, ah hehehe, I said ah hoohoo, haahaa, heeeeeeeee, Alright Yeah! Very good, very good Yaaaay, Very good, very good Yaaaay, Very good, very good Yaaaay, We love to sing dance laugh and play! YAY By Robert Rivest

LAUGHTER YOGA: Home/Office Follow Along

Laugh along with internationally admired Laughter Yoga Teacher and youtube sensation, Robert Rivest. One of his most popular Laughter Yoga workouts. Also see Robert's page of 10 free laugh along Laughter Yoga videos at: Laugh Along with Robert Rivest

Smile, Move, & Laugh Away the Blues. Robert Rivest Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

(10 Min) A fun way to lighten up and let go! Robert Rivest's popular Laughter Yoga Follow along video for friends going through a difficult time. You can smile, move, & laugh away the stress of difficult situations with Robert's creative combination of Laughter Yoga Free Flow Meditation, Qigong and Mime. It is simply a beautiful mix of Stress Relief exercises from Laughter Yoga and the Robert Rivest Method of Mindful Living.

Laughter Yoga in Schools

Robert Rivest has over 30 years experience performing in schools. His highly regarded Laughter Yoga for Wellness Assemblies include laughter exercises, playful games, humorous songs, and centering breathing Techniques. A great way unite the audience in a shared healthy, fun, positive experience that joyfully relieves stress! More info on Robert's K-12 school shows at: Robert Rivest Laughter & Wellness School Shows

Chair Laughter Yoga with Robert Rivest. Full Laughter Yoga Session!

Complete 45 minute Laughter Yoga Session w/ Robert Rivest Master Trainer and 5-Day Laughter Yoga Teacher Trainees. Includes Seated Laughter Yoga Warm-up, Chair Laughter Yoga Exercises, Seated Laughter Yoga Breathing, Chair Laughter Yoga Relaxation & Positive Message.

Laughter & Dance Party (Extended) Robert Rivest Laughter Yoga MT

Full Laughter Yoga & Dance Party Workout! Robert Rivest Laughter Yoga Master Trainer. 1) Pure Laughter. 2) Laughter & Dance. 3) Pure Dance. Repeat. LOL. A fun Laughter Yoga and Dance Follow Along. https://www.robertrivest.com

Laughter Yoga Teacher Training Fun! Robert Rivest Master Trainer

5 Day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training with Robert Rivest. Learn & Laugh with Master Trainer Robert Rivest & Laughter Yoga Teachers & Laughter Yoga Leaders. Experience Robert's teaching style as he leads Laughter Yoga Warm-ups, Laughter Yoga Exercises, Laughter Yoga Breathing, Laughter Yoga Meditation, Laughter Yoga Relaxation, Laughter Yoga Fun!

Corporate Laughter Yoga & Stress Relief Exercises

Robert Rivest Leading 400 Business Professionals in Laughter Yoga & Stress Relief Exercises at a Conference. Robert Rivest in an engaging public speaker! He offers a wide variety of presentations for conferences and corporate events. He has done over 7,000 presentations in Europe, Asia and across the USA.

Robert Rivest Laughter Yoga Events

Michi Morioka’s fantastic video of Laughter Ambassador, Robert Rivest’s inspirational Laughter Yoga events in Japan. Photos and English/Japanese text filled with love, laughter, gratitude and joy. An amazing video of how Laughter Yoga can reach cross cultures, transform lives, and make a positive impact around the world. Many more videos & Robert's next Japan tour info at:Robert Rivest Japan Events

Quick Stress Relief/ Laughter Yoga Teaser

Quick, fun, energizing ways to relieve stress with Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Robert Rivest. A great way to relax and let go with breathing, laughter yoga and visualization. Includes a mindful message to help degrease suffering and increase joy.

Laughter Yoga Session - Robert Rivest Laughter Yoga Teacher & Trainer

Complete Laughter Yoga Session! Laugh Along with Robert Rivest Laughter Yoga Master Trainer. Laughter Yoga Warm-Up, Laughter Yoga Breathing, Laughter Yoga Exercises, Laughter Yoga Clapping, Laughter Yoga Dance, Laughter Yoga Guided Relaxation.

Laughter Yoga Blast!

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Highlights with the ever playful Laughter Yoga teacher, Robert Rivest. Great warm-ups and Laughter Yoga exercises. Robert's mime and mindfulness backgrounds serve him well as the "Peaceful Pied Piper of Laughter Yoga. You can become a certified Laughter Yoga Leader! More info of Robert Rivest's upcoming Certified Laughter Yoga Leader trainings at: Laughter Yoga Leader Training - Get Certified with Robert Rivest!

Laughter Yoga Exercise Ideas

Creative Laughter Yoga exercise ideas from Robert Rivest Includes: Popcorn, See-Saw, Rocket to Moon, Robot, Tarzan, Boat Rocking, Musical Instruments, Tug-of-War, Super Hero, Merry-go-Round . . . A fun mix of Robert Rivest's Youtube Videos

Laughter Yoga Breathing Exercises

Laughter Yoga Breathing Exercise Collection from Robert Rivest. There are variations on several Laughter Yoga breathing exercises to demonstrate how you can change the title and intention of an exercise based upon the needs of each group. Fun ideas for breathing in between LY exercises!

Breathe, Smile, Laugh & Hum - Robert Rivest Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

Nose Breathing & Laughter Yoga. Mindful Breathing, Smiling Meditation, Laughter Meditation and Humming with Robert Rivest Laughter Yoga Master Trainer.

Laughter Yoga & Qigong Remix Robert Rivest Master Trainer

(20 Min) Robert Rivest's Creative Qigong & Laughter Yoga Workout in Nature. https://www.robertrivest.com A combo/remix of two of my recent Qigong & Laughter Yoga Workouts in USA this Fall. Each segment starts with qigong movements and breathing, then we add smiling and laughing. Feels Great! Robert Rivest is an internationally admired performer and teacher. In addition to being a renowned comic mime artist, he is also an accomplished health, literacy and stress relief educator, a gifted mindfulness teacher, a certified laughter yoga master trainer and an engaging public speaker. Since 1990 Robert Rivest has given over 8,000 presentations in Europe, Asia, Africa and across the U.S. His mission is to use mindfulness, laughter and the performing arts to bring greater health and happiness to individuals and organizations around the world.

Laughter Yoga Pranayama

Breathing Exercises, quotes, music, recommended reading and detailed breathing instructions from laughter yoga teacher and stress relief educator, Robert Rivest

Laughter Yoga Meditations

5 Meditations for Laughter Yoga practitioners "Breathing into Every Cell", "Cool in, Warm out", "So-Hum", "Breathing for Others", "Loving-Kindness" Deepen your practice with Robert Rivest. A erfect way to start or end your Laughter Yoga day.

Mindful Laughter Yoga Warm-Up

Robert Rivest combines breathing, tai-chi, qigong, yoga, dance, mime & laughter yoga in a centering, yet energizing Laughter Yoga warm-up. For the past 20 years Robert has been collecting movements from: mindful meditation, tai-chi, qigong, yoga, breath-work, laughter yoga, mime, and dance. Here is a warm-up that he does before a class, performance or to start his day in a joyful way.

Laughter Yoga Tai-Chi

Do you need to build up your laughing chi? Then try Laughter Yoga Tai-Chi. Mindful mover and master laugher, Robert Rivest combines laughter yoga, tai-chi & mindful poetry in a fun, energizing Laughter Yoga Tai-Chi form. See more of Robert’s Mindful Tai-Chi forms at: Mindfulness & Tai-Chi Videos

Robert's Laughter Song

Laughter Yoga Song by Robert Rivest. English version with 50 Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers from all over Japan. Japanese version with Maki and Masami

What is Laughter Yoga? (2 min)

Laughter Yoga teacher, Robert Rivest explains “What is laughter Yoga?” This quick two minute educational Laughter Yoga video includes clips of participants enjoying Laughter Yoga in between Robert’s joyful explanation of the 5 points of Laughter Yoga. More on Laughter Yoga at: What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga in the News!

Robert Rivest plays several characters in this fun and informative Laughter Yoga TV News cast, spoof.

Also see Robert's page of 10 Free Laugh Along Laughter Yoga videos at: Laugh Along with Robert Rivest