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Fun School Workshops & Creative School Residencies with Robert Rivest

2023-2024 School Year - Live & Online School Program Options!

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Classroom Workshops & Residencies

Robert Rivest uses mime, movement, laughter and mindful exercises to help students explore class material kinetically. He motivates students and staff alike to free up their creativity and to see their school work in a new light. Robert inspires them to go deeper into the subject matter while learning to relax and enjoy the process.  

"Robert Rivest did a wonderful job as 'Artist in Residence' in my ELA classroom.  Robert started his visit with an introduction to mime and began teaching my students and I some of the movements of mime.  The children loved it!  Throughout the day he delighted my students as he discussed their poetry with them, at times stopping to interpret their poetry through mime.  The children were excited to share their work with him and were truly interested in his opinion.  Many of my students asked if Robert could return the next day.  We really enjoyed his visit!"

-Carol Mahan ELA teacher, Wilbraham Middle School Wilbraham, Massachusetts

Autism & Social Communication Disorder Programs with Robert Rivest Robertis great with students of all learning styles. He has been highly successful working with students with autism and social communication disorders. Robert helps students with autism and social communication disorders learn to read non-verbal face and body language. He has created a series of exercises and games that help students develop a repertoire of responses. Robert’ s autism and social communication disorder program offers students the opportunity to observe, discuss, model and practice interpreting and responding to non-verbal communication in a safe, comfortable environment. Robert is playful, creative, adaptive, mindful and is wonderful at reading the energy and needs of the students.

“Many thanks! The kids had a wonderful time yesterday. Many of the teachers commented on your expertise with reading kids, and 'flexing' your program to make it work for everyone. Thank you again. See you soon!”

-Beth Gibson Framingham Public Schools- Special Education Department

“Robert was a great fit for our program, which services students with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. His workshops and performance reinforced the facial expressions, body language and perspective-taking skills that our students were being taught. Robert worked closely with us to learn what he could do to tailor his show and workshops to needs and age-level / interests of our students.”

-Caitlin Nusser Mannino, M.S., CCC-SLP Denise Sher Roditi M.S. CCC-SLP Elementary Summer Social Skills Program



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