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2023 Corporate Wellness Programs - In-Person & Online Options!

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Enjoy the Ride! is Robert Rivest's most popular staff development and staff appreciation program ever! In this presentation he combines comic, inspirational stories, with fresh insights on how to reduce stress and increase happiness. The main takeaways of Robert's interactive program is his energizing stress relief series and his stress busting, team building, laughing wellness exercises. He joyfully helps employees increase workplace happiness and melt tension away! Robert Rivest is a masterful entertainer who leads audiences to bursts of laughter as he mindfully encourages them to relieve stress. A perfect way to bring more happiness and joy to your workplace.


Enjoy the Ride! Program length: Very Flexible!

20-90 minutes for a Comic Keynote. 

30 Min for Lunchtime Laughter Lift.

1 hour to 1 full day for Staff Development, Corporate Wellness Webinars,  Stress Relief and Laughter Programs.

Robert Rivest's comic keynotes, creative stress relief programs, staff development and "Laughter in the Workplace" workshops offer new and refreshing ways to:

  • Improve morale
  • Build team spirit
  • Relieve stress
  • Develop a positive work environment
  • Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Increase workplace happiness & Joy
  • Promote a healthier, happier workforce

"We received lots of positive feedback from your presentation. Many in attendance said you were 'the best presenter we have ever had' and we have had this event for 11 years now. People are still calling to thank me for booking you." Lynne Cloutier Hospital Coordinator "Thank you for a wonderful workshop! I felt so at peace just watching and listening to you. I really needed it! "Norma Carey, Assistant Program Coordinator Riverfront Community Center


Robert Rivest Phone: 413-519-2256


Staff Development & Staff Stress Relief with Robert Rivest

"It was wonderful to participate in something that was meaningful, entertaining, fun, and alive all in the same experience.

-Phil Muisener, Staff Member, Town of Glastonbury


Give your staff members and co-workersa positive shared experience

filled with happiness, laughter and joy! Happy employees thrive!



Humorous Story from "Enjoy the Ride!"       Fun Conference "Laughter Break"     


Robert Rivest's engaging speaking style, mastery of movement, and mindful presence inspire even the most reluctant staff members to happily listen, laugh, and try something new! 

"The staff had rave reviews! Many of them said it was the best All Staff training they had been to. Our staff in general are tough critics and your presentation touched them on both a personal and professional level. We meet many people in our lives, and I believe I met one yesterday in you that will have a lasting impact on how I lead and change my life from tomorrow on...." 
Ann Grabowski, LCSW Director of Youth & Family Services 

"I never like our trainings . . . that is until you came! You brought new insight into how much control each one has over his/her positive outlook on self, others, and life."
Patricia Niesyn Youth and Family Services

7 Effective Stress Relief Tips!            3 Simple Stress Management Tools


Perfect for:
Wellness Ways • Staff Appreciation Events,
HR Development Programs • Award Ceremonies,
Networking Parties • Seasonal Celebrations,
and Conference "Laughter Breaks."


"I thought the training was really good. However, I didn't realize how good it was until I found myself practicing the breathing technique, and being mindful of things that upset me and what's really going on. I wasn't even aware that I was doing these things until I stopped to think about the training.--Thanks Robert! Your training will be remembered!"
Jane Peters
Riverfront Community Center

“Thanks Robert- Many people have talked about how much they liked the presentation.  They liked the easy natural flow of it, that evokes positive things. I personally liked the format of several short engaging activities. The timing was perfect, people joined in and then we went on to another activity and another- they got to see many ways to laugh and have fun."
Kristie Scott, LCSW, Chief Executive Officer, Perception Programs, Inc.

"Robert taught us how to be comfortable with our laughing in such a easy and unassuming manner. His Tai Chi was original, very easy to follow and very nourishing to do. And of course, his mime was exquisite and amazing. 
I was really amazed at all the life that was called out of me and the whole group that day." 
Mark D. Mariner, JD, MA
The Mariner Center For Human Development

"I worked in the wellness industry for 15 years. I not only gave many wellness-based presentations but attended numerous ones. What I found so wonderful about yours, both for myself and our students, is that it is so easy to take away the idea of smiling and laughing as a strategy for dealing with stress and a means for improving your overall health. 

I found, as a teacher, your presentation to be a useful tool in dealing with others. It was a great reminder of how powerful a smile can be and easy it is to lift someone to their potential instead of trampling on their spirit. I can't tell you how many times I get my class saying "Very good, very good, Yeah!". In fact, I've got my family doing it too. It can be contagious!"
Carla Grimaldi, MSEd. Read/Write/Now Adult Learning Center

"Your presentation today was a true gift to our staff!. . . everyone loved your work.... especially the fact that you model the behaviors you encouraged us to strive towards. Thank you so much for bringing all of us back to the here and now and why we do our jobs every day"
Chris G. Program Coordinator, Creative Experiences.


Robert Rivest's  Mindfulness Programs can be combined with his educational, performing arts and stress relief offerings

Robert Rivest Phone: 413-519-2256


Robert Rivest's "Laughter in the Workplace" Keynote with 400 Business Professionals!
Business Conferences, Award Ceremonies, Staff Development and Staff Appreciation programs should be fun.
Happy workers are productive workers!
If you are interested in bringing more happiness, laughter and wellness to your workplace, coference, or event please contact:
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Email: ROBERT RIVEST  Phone: 413-519-2256


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