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Mime Skills for Laughter Facilitators & Performing Artists! Robert Rivest Master Mime Artist/International Laughter Trainer


(Online) Mime Skills

for Laughter Facilitators,

Performing Artists and You!

Open to all interested.

Mime Master Class

(Online, Zoom, Virtual)


October 21, 2023

1pm EDT  USA NYC Time 

(Two Hours)

Fee: $30 USD. 

Individual Coaching with Robert Rivest also Available!

We will joyfully and creatively explore movement and expression with our face, hands and body. How to free the body and mind and ‘become’ the essence of what you wish to share with your audience/participants.
Please send me an email with a few thoughts on why you want to take this mime workshop and what you hope to get out of it .
2 hour Mime Skills for Laughter Facilitators and Performing Artists with Robert Rivest. 
We explore:
• Breathing & Visualization
• Warm-up
• Joint Articulation
• Whole Body Movement
• Facial Expression
• Mime Illusions
• Mime Storytelling
• What & How to Highlight
• How to Feel Light & Free
• How to Embody & Express Joy
And more . . .


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