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Winter Wonderland Library Show. Celebrating All Things Snow! Comic Mime & Happy Humorist Robert Rivest

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Winter Wonderland with Comic Mime Robert Rivest.

Celebrating all things snow! Robert shares the art of mime, funny spoken word stories, humorous characters and cool mime illusions. His Winter Wonderland library program is a highly interactive show. Everyone gets to learn mime and act out a wide variety of ways we can enjoy ourselves in a New England Winter. Library participants learn how to do comic mime bits and help create new ones. We then perform, interactive Mime stories on the many ways we enjoy snow, play winter sports and celebrate winter related Fun!   


"Robert performed his Winter Wonderland show for our Foxboro patrons over Winter break and they thoroughly enjoyed it! He captivated his audience of little ones from 3-12 and their adults, making everyone smile and laugh while imagining themselves doing all sorts of winter activities. The kids loved the participation portion and got to have their moment in the spotlight. This program was the perfect harbinger of winter and we can't wait to have him back for future performances. Let it snow!!"

-Emma Brelsford, Children's Librarian, Boyden Library


"Thank you so much for a fantastic program in Mansfield last night!  You had the whole audience hooked right from the beginning, and it was great to see parents laughing and participating right along with kids. I imagine there were lots of imaginary walls and ropes in Mansfield homes last night, as kids were both entertained and inspired by your show. It’s always a pleasure for me to watch families having fun at the Library, so thanks again for giving us all a memorable experience."

-Judy Stoughton, Children’s Librarian Mansfield Public Library, CT


 "It was an absolute delight to have Robert Rivest perform here at the Gilmanton Year Round Library! We giggled ourselves silly!"

 - Pam Jansury, Gilmanton Year Round Library, NY


Happy Halloween Tricks and Treats: In this fun, interactive program, Comic Mime Robert Rivest will take us through a series of spooky yet silly Halloween stories. We will also learn how to do some mime tricks and treat our friends to funny mime illusions and hilarious Halloween characters. Come in costume, Robert will use his mastery of mime and movement to help us move and act like our costume characters. Also bring some ideas and suggestions, as we will create our own spooky story together, on the spot! 

Holiday Library Programs, Seasonal Celebrations and Special Events: Is there a program you would like Robert Rivest to create for an upcoming holiday, celebration, or special event? Robert is super creative, he brings his joyful spirit and humorous take on life, to any given situation. Contact him today and see what fun, shared experience he can create for your library.

Library Staff Stress Relief & Team Building Robert Rivest offers creative stress relief workshops, in-services and staff development training for librarians and staff! His most popular staff development program for libraries is part comic relief and part stress relief tips from mindfulness meditation, tai-chi and laughter yoga. The laughter and improv team building exercises are tons of fun! The take away stress relief tips are very effective for work in the library and every day life. It can be a great stress reliever for the whole population, a library conference keynote, worksop, breakout session or a special staff workshop/in-service/training. 

Mindfulness in Motion with Robert Rivest: Many schools and organizations are incorporating mindfulness as a way to help students and staff, focus, feel centered, and improve social skills. Robert Rivest's "Mindfulness in Motion" school and library programs help teach the basics of mindfulness in a fun, entertaining way. In this program, students and teachers learn mindfulness exercises and stress relief techniques that will help them breathe, relax, focus, act, and interact, mindfully. Robert is a great presenter, he shares simple, memorable stories and humorous tales that bring mindfulness principles to life.  Robert Rivest has been teaching Mindfulness Meditation, Tai-Chi, and Mime, to all ages, for over 20 years. With his unique blend of energy, creativity, playfulness and peacefulness, Robert shares the joys of being alive, in the present moment. 



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