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Wellbeing Laughter & The Rivest Method of Joyful Living

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Wellbeing Laughter &

The Rivest Method of Joyful Living (Online)

We will explore how these two practices evolved and how they can enhance your practice.


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What is Wellbeing Laughter and The Rivest Method?”  Wellbeing Laughter is a health and wellness practice that frees the body and mind of stress and anxiety, in a light-hearted way. It uses science-based methods such as mindful breathing, gentle movement, and healing laughter as a fun way to optimize mental and physical wellbeing. Wellbeing  Laughter lifts our mood in a matter of minutes and gives us a lighter perspective on life. The Rivest Method of Joyful Living is a synergy of Robert Rivest’s extensive experience in the performing arts, the healing arts, and the art and science of laughter. Through his in-person sessions  and online teachings, Robert has helped thousands of people around the world live happier, healthier,  more meaningful lives. His unique approach draws on his background in comic mime, dance, theater,  improv, meditation, breath-work, yoga, tai-chi, qigong, and laughter yoga.

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