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Teen Library Programs

Character and Comedy for Teens Master mime artist and comic actor Robert Rivest explores character, comedy and expression in this fascinating interactive teen program. Robert Rivest uses his famous comic mime stories and improv scenes as a fun way for teens to look at what lies beneath the surface in different written characters, and the "characters" around us, including ourselves. The program includes a mini 'hands-on' theater workshop in communication, subtext, facial expression and body language! Teens love Robert's true to life characters, awesome illusionary skills and his playful, down-to-earth sense of humor.

Laughter is the Best Medicine: Highlights the best of Robert Rivest's 20 year career as a master mime performer, comic actor, improv artist and laughter/stress relief expert. Through humorous mime stories, spoken word physical comedy and a zany cast of characters, Robert Rivest transforms an empty stage into pure hilarity! His true gift is his ability to turn everyday situations into hysterically funny experiences that teens can relate to! Robert's personal stories of growing up in Enfield, CT, are hilarious. His tales of childhood, teen-hood and high school pranks as well as his life in the performing arts and “healing arts” will move you to bursts of laughter and tears of joy! This is a cultural arts comedy event that you will never forget, full of imagery rich stories, awe inspiring mime illusion, and plenty of playful audience participation.


Robert Rivest has a number of shows for schools and libraries including one for this years 2018 Summer Reading Theme: Music:  Reading Rocks! Libraries Rock!

Let's Rock this Library with Laughter! Comic mime Robert Rivest entertains audiences of all ages while joyfully motivating them to read, celebrate their libraries and move to the music of nature, animals and life all around us. Using mime, comedy, and interactive playfulness, Robert Rivest highlights the musicality of every day life. He shares mindful ways that we can tune into our environment, and play with the sounds of the natural world. Robert is an enthusiastic conductor of laughter and joy, bringing sensational stories and silent symphonies to life before your eyes! In addition to Robert’s humorous and inspirational mime stories, everyone will learn cool mime movements, awesome laughter exercises and calming mindfulness activities.  We end with an interactive mime “poem” about the joys of reading, books and libraries. Robert Rivest is a comic mime/dancer/speaker with over 20 years of experience performing in schools and libraries.

or just for the fun of it . . .

Summer Fun @ Your Library! This is a pure celebration of everything that we love about summer. Comic mime Robert Rivest performs his favorite stories about summer and invites audience members to join in. Stories about the sun, swimming, camping, travel, friendship, ice cream, late nights, lightening bugs and more! This fun family show is full of audience participation! In addition to Robert’s humorous and inspirational mime theater stories, everyone will learn cool mime illusions and how to create their own mime story. Together, we will act out exciting characters and stories highlighting summer fun! Robert Rivest studied mime, dance, improvisation and acting in Paris and NYC. He brings over 20 joy filled years of experience to every performance.

"If you want a program that is interactive and a lot of fun then Robert Rivest's Teen Mime Program is the program for you. The participants were laughing and imitating what Robert was doing. Teens were shown how to do mime and they had a blast."

-Margie Walker, Teen Librarian, Amesbury Public Library

"We were thrilled to host “Comedy on the Move”; everyone had a fantastic time and I've had several people ask when he'll be back! Robert Rivest is a talented and engaging mime, storyteller, and physical comedian who will captivate audiences of all ages. His interaction with the attendees elevates an already outstanding performance to a true event for all!"

-Francie Berger, Reference Librarian/Programming Coordinator Hall Memorial Library, Ellington, CT 


Summer Library Program BLOCK BOOKING is Available in MA, CT, NY, NH, NJ, PA, MD, VT and ME!


6/9-10, - 11am -6pm E. Longmeadow, MA Laughter Yoga Leader Training Certification with Robert Rivest 

6/27 - 10:30am Ludlow, MA Mindful Tai Chi & Laughter Yoga

6/27  - 3pm Williston Park, NY “Let’s Rock this Library with Laughter”

6/28  - 2pm Duxbury, MA “Mindfulness in Motion”

6/28 - 7pm Duxbury, MA “Reading Rocks, Libraries Rock”

6/29  - 10am Centerville, MA “Reading Rocks, Libraries Rock”

6/30 - 12pm Killingworth, MA "Rock This Library with Laughter"



7/1 - 8pm Yale University "Laughter Yoga w/ Robert Rivest"

7/5 - 11am Southborough, MA “Let’s Rock this Library with Laughter”

7/5 - 3pm Leominster, MA, “ Summer Fun at the Library”

7/8 - 12-3 pm Lenox, MA Clark Art Institute "Roving Mime "

7/8 - 8pm Yale University "Laughter Yoga w/ Robert Rivest"

7/10 - 9:30am Framingham, MA,  "Comic Mime & Social Skills"

7/11 - 1pm New Durham, NH “Let’s Rock this Library with Laughter”

7/12 - 10am South Windsor, CT "Learn, Laugh & Let Go"

7/12- 4pm South Norwalk, CT “Let’s Rock this Library with Laughter”

7/13 11am Springfield, MA YMCA "Staff Stress Relief"

7/14 - 5pm Yale University "Laughter Yoga w/ Robert Rivest"

7/16 - 5:30pm Gamerville, NY “Laughter is the Best Medicine”

7/22 - 8pm Yale University "Laughter Yoga w/ Robert Rivest"

7/25 - 10:30am Ludlow, MA Mindful Tai Chi & Laughter Yoga

7/25 - 4pm Darien, CT “ Summer Fun at the Library”

7/29 - 8pm Yale University "Laughter Yoga w/ Robert Rivest"

7/31 - 10am Franklin, NY, “Let’s Rock this Library with Laughter”

7/31 - 2:30m Sherburne, NY, “Let’s Rock this Library with Laughter”



8/1 - 6:30pm  Sidney, NY, “Let’s Rock this Library with Laughter”

8/8 - 2pm Middleburgh NY, “Let’s Rock this Library with Laughter”

8/8 - 7pm Voorheesville NY, “Let’s Rock this Library with Laughter”

8/9 - 6:30pm Colonie NY, “Let’s Rock this Library with Laughter”

8/10 - 7pm  Freeport, NY “Learn, Laugh & Let Go”

8/11 - 11am Middlefield, MA "Laughter Yoga”

8/15 - 6:30pm Springfield, NJ "Laughter is the Best Medicine"

8/16 - 2:30pm Holyoke "Laughter Yoga with Seniors"

8/18-22, 5- Day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training, Monson, MA

8/30 - 2:30pm Holyoke "Laughter Yoga with Seniors"


September 20-30, "Robert Rivest in Japan" 


Contact Robert: Email: Robert Rivest Phone: Phone: 413-519-2256


New Library Shows for 2018: https://www.robertrivest.com/libraries/2018summerreadingl/


Contact Robert: Email: Robert Rivest Phone: 413-519-2256

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