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Comic Mime Robert Rivest (sometimes called "Laughter is the Best Medicine") Highlights the best of Robert Rivest's 20 year career as a master mime performer, comic actor and improv artist. Through humorous mime stories, spoken word physical comedy and a zany cast of characters, Robert Rivest transforms an empty stage into pure hilarity! His true gift is his ability to turn everyday situations into hysterically funny experiences that audiences of all ages can relate to! Robert's personal stories of growing up in Enfield, CT, are hilarious. His tales of childhood, teen-hood and high school pranks as well as his life in the performing arts and “healing arts” will move you to bursts of laughter and tears of joy! This is a cultural arts comedy event that you will never forget, full of imagery rich stories, awe inspiring mime illusion, and plenty of playful audience participation.

A fun way to bring the whole community together through smiles, giggles, and roaring laughter.


Great for PBIS Reward Programs in Schools!    

"Exceptional! Each performance was outstanding! Robert's rapport with the audience was phenomenal! We laughed out loud,were mesmerized and thoroughly entertained by Robert Rivest. His interactions on stage with the children were great!"

Pentucket Fine and Performing Arts Foundation, W. Newberry, MA

"We were thrilled to host “Comedy on the Move”; everyone had a fantastic time and I've had several people ask when he'll be back! Robert Rivest is a talented and engaging mime, storyteller, and physical comedian who will captivate audiences of all ages. His interaction with the attendees elevates an already outstanding performance to a true event for all!"

Francie Berger, Reference Librarian/Programming Coordinator Hall Memorial Library, Ellington, CT


2023-2024 Live & Online School Programs!

Flexibility is key. Robert can do any of his programs:


Virtual Live Stream 

Virtual Recorded Video

Robert is open to other options as they become available.

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Clean, clear, classic mime    &    Spoken word, physical theater!
Adult and family presentations are 45-60 minutes in length (audience limit negotiable).
School shows are 45 minutes and often work best with 175-225 students (or less). Staff development programs also available.

 For more info contact: Robert Rivest  413-519-2256


"His ability to reach out to all ages is amazing! That his work is able to resonate so powerfully with kids, teens, parents, and grandparents is a great tribute to his artistry!"

Steve Hays, Executive Director, The Drama Studio

Robert's technique is masterful, and the material he has created reveals a compassionate, thoughtful artist. His rapport with our audience was sincere and generous, his timing-wonderful, and his command of the stage complete.

Martin Shell, Professor of Theatre, Springfield College


Robert Rivest's energy and enthusiasm is so infectious that people of all ages eagerly volunteer for his audience participation segments and interactive activities.


Perfect for:

Orientations • Seasonal celebrations  • Arts appreciation days

State testing relief/reward • Pre-vacation fever  • Joyous occasions

Positive PBIS Reward Program for Schools!  



"Fantastic! He entertains and educates. Everyone enjoyed the expertise and humor he brought to the show. Perfect for all ages." Teachers Comments, Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA


"Everyone was delighted with the program. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the children and their parents about our Friday event." Randi Bailey, Enrichment Committee, Pear Tree Point School, Darien, CT


"Thanks for making Bring your child to work day so wonderful. Laura Durst, Global Administration, IBM, Southbury, CT Robert's humorous skits from his vast repertoire made a perfect program for our diverse museum going audience.

Rae Griffiths, Program Coordinator, The Quadrangle Museums, MA


"An amazing, silly, hysterical, funny, magical performance ... We loved it! Great audience control! The best assembly we' ve ever had."

Teachers and students comments, Stapleton School, Framingham, MA 


It is a rare and special talent that can appeal to such a variety of people. I could pick out individual peoples laughs that I knew and they ranged from 7 to 70! "Gail Reed, Co - President of the Friends of the Barrington Library, RI 


"All the kids (and the teachers) had a great time. Some students went home and mimed for the family."

Parents' comments, Live Oaks Elementary, Milford, CT


"Robert left us all feeling a sense of peace and confidence to face the rest of the school year. Ronnie Alicata, Parent/Teacher Group, Heartland School

"I don't know when I have laughed so hard. Robert Rivest is outstanding!"  Rev. John Wilson, Westbrook Congregational Church


"Brilliant! From youngest to oldest he made us all laugh."  Ms. Fitzgibbins, Children's Librarian, Norfolk Library


A good, healthy laugh, is priceless! 

Robert's Comic Mime show has variations for:

Lower Elementary School Shows

Upper Elementary School Shows

Intermediate School Shows

Middle School Assembly Programs

Junior High School Assembly Programs

High School Performances

Family Night Programs

College Keynotes Business Keynotes

Adult and Senior Citizen Programs


 Flexibility is key. Robert can do any of his programs:

Live-In-Person • Virtual Live Stream • Virtual Recorded Video

Robert is open to other options as they become available.

Let's chat today!


For more info contact: Robert Rivest  413-519-2256

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