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What is The Rivest Method of Joyful Living?

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The Rivest Method of Joyful Living is a synergy of Robert Rivest’s extensive experience in the performing arts, the healing arts, and the art and science of laughter. Through his in-person sessions and online teachings, Robert has helped thousands of people around the world live happier, healthier, more meaningful lives.

His unique approach, draws on his background in comic mime, dance, theater, improv, meditation, breath-work, yoga, tai-chi, qigong, and laughter yoga.

The Rivest Method of Joyful Living: Sessions, Workshops & Retreats:

Depending on the time, space, individual or group, Robert will share a seamless flow of the following:

  • Sitting, standing, walking & moving meditations
  • Breathing exercises to regulate energy & mood
  • A mind-body warm-up
  • Original tai-chi/qigong forms
  • Free-flowing laughter explorations
  • Tension/Release exercises
  • Mime, movement, improvisation & expression
  • How to embody happiness & joy
  • Positive visualization & nature imagery
  • Mindfulness in everyday life.


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Wellbeing Laughter is a health and wellness practice that helps free the body and mind of stress, tension, and anxiety. It is a quick, efficient, delivery system of the science-based health benefits of mindfulness, movement and laughter. Wellbeing Laughter uses mindful breathing, gentle movement, and healing laughter as a way to bring greater health, happiness and joy into our lives. It’s a fun way to optimize mental and physical wellbeing, while gaining a lighter perspective on life. Wellbeing Laughter brings people together, uniting them, in a positive, shared experience of joyful laughter.
Wellbeing Laughter sessions vary depending upon the needs of the group. For some, it is a super fun, upbeat, energetic, creative, free flow laughter session. For others, it’s a simple exploration of mindful breathing and mindful movement, flowing into stress relief exercise and gentle laughter.
Wellbeing Laughter can be done anywhere, anytime,
without any special clothing, equipment or props.
It can be done sitting, standing, moving freely about the space, or lying down.
Wellbeing Laughter is the brainchild of Robert Rivest
Over the past 30 years, Robert has developed and taught 
The Rivest Method of Joyful Living
It is a creative fusion of Robert’s vast experience in 
The Performing Arts: mime, dance, theater, improv 
The Healing Arts: mindfulness, breath-work, yoga, tai-chi, qigong, and 
The Art and Science of Laughter: humor, comedy and intentional laughter. 
Wellbeing Laughter pulls together the appropriate combination of the above, for each session.
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