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Laugh and Learn Online with Robert Rivest



 February Laugh and Learn Online with Robert Rivest


2024 Robert Rivest Advanced 2.0 Laughter Yoga 

Wellbeing Laughter, Mime & More Online Classes



Online/ In-Person Classes and Coaching below

available on demand. Contact Robert.


Leader & Teacher Trainings


Intro Mime Class for All


How to Lead Chair Laughter Yoga  


 How to Prepare for Your Presentation 


Wellbeing Laughter & The Rivest Method


Live in Flow


Mindfulness in Motion





Laughter Yoga Leader Training &

Laughter Refresher:  

Date: September 21-22, 2024

Times: 9:30am-4:30pm ET USA NY Time

Location: Farmington, CT 

Fee: $400 Laughter Yoga Leader Training

$200 Laughter Refresher




You can book an In-Person or Online Laughter Training for your group with Robert, anytime you like. 


One-On-One Coaching
I have been enjoying doing One-On-One Coaching with folks. Do you want to give is a try while my prices are still low? What would you like to learn from me? How can I serve you?




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