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Robert Rivest loves sharing mime, laughter, and creative programs with people of all ages!

2022-2023 Summer & Year Round Library Shows Live & Online Options!

Flexibility is key. I can do any of my programs:


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I am open to other options as they become available.

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2022 Summer Reading Library Themes:

Oceans of Possibilities & Read Beyond the Beaten Path

Miming Oceans of Possibilities Robert Rivest is a Comic Mime. He sees the world in a very funny way. He is known as the 'human cartoon' because of his highly expressive face and flexible body. Using mime, comedy, and interactive stories, Robert brings original Ocean Themed stories to life before your eyes! He combines classic mime artistry with hilarious character voices and humorous insights into the oceans of positive possibilities in everyday life. Can you imagine your ocean story brought to life? In several audience participation opportunities, we will have fun improvising your story ideas. First, everyone will learn cool mime illusions! Then, we will act out the stories we create together on the spot! The joy we'll experience with movement, expression, creativity and laughter, is truly, beyond imagination.

Mime Outside the Box & Read Beyond the Beaten Path: Humorous adventures in camp, hiking, sports, performing arts and skill development. Can be a fun show by itself or part of a specific theme within the "Read Beyond the Beaten Path” Like Robert's "Science in Motion" Comic Mime Show for Science, Nature or Space Stem Events.

Robert Rivest Summer 2022 Library Calendar for

Ocean of Possibilities

Read Beyond the Beaten Path

and more!

Block Booking Availible with these live In-Person shows


6-3-22 Davenport, NY "End of School Year, Summer Reading Promotion" 9am

6-4&5-22 Zoom LYLT/Refresher 9:30am-4:30pm

6-11-22 Monson, MA Carol Rivest Memorial Benefit 4pm-7pm

6-14-22 Zoom "Work Laugh Balance LOL" 1pm

6-17-22 Online "The Rivest Method" 1:30pm

6-23-22 W. Springfield, MA "Read Beyond the Beaten Path" 11am

6-24-22 Nashua, NH "Laughter is the Best Medicine" 11am

6-25-22 Manchester, CT"Summer Reading Kick-off" 10:30 am

6-28-22 Townsend, MA "Comic Mime and Summer Theme" 11am

More June Dates Available

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7-6-22 Beacon, NY "Ocean of Possibilities" 3pm

7-13-22 Adams, MA "Read Beyond the Beaten Path" 11am

7-19-22 Brattleboro, VT “Read Beyond the Beaten Path” 1:30pm

7-19-22 Brattleboro, VT “Character and Comedy for Teens“ 4:30pm

7-20-22 Branford, NH "Oceans of Possibilities" 1pm

7-21-22 Marlborough, MA "Character and Comedy for Teens" 4pm

7-23-22 Live on Zoom "Oceans of Fun Comic Mime Robert Rivest" 11AM

7-25-22 N. Easton, MA "Comic Mime & Summer Reading" 6pm

7-26-22 Mansfield, CT "Summer Fun @ Your Library" 6:30pm

More July Dates Available

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8-3-22 Lynnfield, MA "Summer Fun @ Your Library" 11:30pm

8-6 & 7-22 Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training open to public

6-20-22 Farmington, NH "Comic Mime with Robert Rivest" 1pm

8-29-22 & 9-1-22 Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training for OSU


10-8-22 Franklin, MA "Happy Halloween Tricks and Treats" 1pm

10-10-22 Valley Cottage, NY "Science in Motion" 10:30am

More Dates Available

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More August Dates Available

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Online Library Staff Stress Relief Workshops

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Robert Rivest is also currently booking future programs, when we can all get together again. :)

Summer Fun @ Your Library! This is a pure celebration of everything that we love about summer. Comic mime Robert Rivest performs his favorite stories about summer and invites audience members to join in. Stories about the sun, swimming, camping, travel, friendship, ice cream, late nights, lightening bugs and more! This fun family show is full of audience participation! In addition to Robert’s humorous and inspirational mime theater stories, everyone will learn amazing mime illusions and how to create their own mime story. Together, we will act out exciting characters and stories highlighting summer fun! Robert Rivest studied mime, dance, improvisation and acting in Paris and NYC. He brings over 20 joy filled years of experience to every performance.

Librarian and Library Staff, Stress: Relief Robert Rivest offers creative stress relief workshops, in-services and staff development training for librarians and staff! His most popular staff development program for libraries is part comic relief and part stress relief tips from mindfulness meditation, tai-chi and laughter yoga. The laughter and improv team building exercises are tons of fun! The take away stress relief tips are very effective for work in the library and every day life. It can be a great stress reliever for the whole population, a library conference keynote, worksop, breakout session or a special staff workshop/in-service/training.

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All Robert Rivest Programs can be done In-person or Online.