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Learn, Laugh, and Let Go: Interactive Stress Relief Show! Robert Rivest takes a humorous look at modern day stress and what we can do about it. Using mime, comedy, insight, and interaction Robert offers both "comic relief" and practical stress relieving techniques. With Robert's down-to-earth sense of humor and engaging style, audiences find stress reduction natural and easy. His closing interactive series of movement and laughter helps everyone get back to work, school, or home feeling calm and refreshed.

How we handle stress affects every part of our lives!     

Laughter is the Best Medicine: Highlights the best of Robert Rivest's 20 year career as a master mime performer, comic actor, improv artist and laughter/stress relief expert. Through humorous mime stories, spoken word physical comedy and a zany cast of characters, Robert Rivest transforms an empty stage into pure hilarity! His true gift is his ability to turn everyday situations into hysterically funny experiences that adults & seniors can relate to! Robert's personal stories of growing up in Enfield, CT, are hilarious. His tales of childhood, teen-hood and high school pranks as well as his life in the performing arts and “healing arts” will move you to bursts of laughter and tears of joy! This is a cultural arts comedy event that you will never forget, full of imagery rich stories, awe inspiring mime illusion, and plenty of playful audience participation.  


Robert's New Library Programs

Adventure Begins at Your LibraryIn your imagination, then moves out into the world.

Robert Rivest Comic Mime, uplifts people of all ages and backgrounds. He is a funny man who sees the world in a very funny way. He is known as the 'human cartoon' because of his highly expressive face and flexible body. Using mime, comedy, and interactive spoken word stories, Robert brings original Summer Reading and improv stories to life before your eyes! He combines classic mime artistry with hilarious character voices and humorous insights into everyday life.


Read, Renew, Repeat as well as Rest, Recover and Refresh.

Robert Rivest, mindful mime and ‘human cartoon’ leads audiences of all ages in humorous adventures in the Read, Renew, Repeat theme. Plus he adds comic relief and fun ways to relieve stress. Robert teaches everyone how they can use their imaginations to create stories, characters, funny facial expressions, and share in performing new comic Mime stories. A great show by itself or part of a specific theme within the Summer Reading 2024 Themes. Everyone will learn cool mime illusions! In several audience participation opportunities, we will enjoy improvising your story ideas and play with humous settings, characters, challenges and solutions. Reading & Mime are FUN!


Wellbeing Laughter: A fun way to feel healthier & happier

Robert's newest creation WELLBEING LAUGHTER is a wellness practice that frees the body and mind of stress and anxiety, in a playful, light-hearted way. Robert uses science-based methods such as mindful breathing, gentle movement and healing laughter as a fun way to optimize mental and physical wellbeing. This practice brings people together and unites them in a positive, shared experience of joyful laughter. Wellbeing Laughter lifts our mood in a matter of minutes and gives us a lighter perspective on life. Adaptable for children, teens, adults and staff.

"Robert Rivest's Wellbeing Laughter program was the perfect combination of entertainment and enrichment. Robert was an enthusiastic and responsive facilitator who engaged the participants with his well-paced interactive exercises. You'll definitely leave his program with a smile on your face! For libraries seeking a unique personal growth program, I recommend this program highly ." -Roxanne Starkin, Shrewsbury Public Library


Mindfulness in Motion: Creative tools to manage stress and anxiety

Many schools and organizations are incorporating mindfulness as a way to help students and staff, focus, feel centered, and improve social skills. Robert Rivest's "Mindfulness in Motion" school and library programs help teach the basics of mindfulness in a fun, entertaining way. In this program, students and teachers learn mindfulness exercises and stress relief techniques that will help them breathe, relax, focus, act, and interact, mindfully. Robert is a great presenter, he shares simple, memorable stories and humorous tales that bring mindfulness principles to life.  Robert Rivest has been teaching Mindfulness Meditation, Tai-Chi, and Mime, to all ages, for over 20 years. With his unique blend of energy, creativity, playfulness and peacefulness, Robert shares the joys of being alive, in the present moment. Adaptable for children, teens, adults and staff.


Plenty of dates available for you. Block Booking Available.

*Robert Rivest 2024 Summer Reading Calendar


April 20 “Spring has Sprung” 11am Rutland, VT

April 27 “Live Joyfully, Laugh Easily” 11am Farmington, CT

April 30 “Reading Motivation/Literacy Celebration” Lebanon, CT


May 5 “World Laughter Day”” 6pm East Longmeadow, MA

May 7 “Laughter Yoga” 10:30am Bedford, MA

May 11 “Wellbeing Laughter & Stress Relief” 11am UNE Biddeford, ME

May 18 “Laughter is Best Medicine” 1pm Franklin, MA


June  1 & 2 “Laughter Yoga Leader Training/Certification” Online

June  5 “Library Staff Stress Relief” 5:00pm Sturbridge, MA

June  6 “Laughter is Best Medicine” 7:00pm Algonquin IL (online)

June 12  “Wellbeing Laughter & Stress Relief” 11:45am Hartford, CT

June 14  “Library Staff Stress Relief”10:45am Shrewsbury, MA

June 18 “Camp Staff Stress Relief” 9:30am Longmeadow, MA

June 18 “Corporate Staff Stress Relief” 3:00pm Farmington, CT

June 22 “Carol Rivest Memorial Foundation Benefit” Brimfield, MA

June 24 “Create Your Summer Adventure” 6:00pm Rocky Hill, CT

June 27 “Read, Renew, Repeat” 6:30pm Adams, MA

July 31  “Wellbeing Laughter” 6:30pm, Tom River, NJ


July 1  “Summer Theme Comic Mime” 11 & 2:30 Suffern, NY

July 10  “Read, Renew, Repeat” 10:30am Douglas, MA

July 13  "Adventure Begins At Your Library" 11:00am Hampton, NH

July 17  “Staff Stress Relief for Librarians" 9:30am Prospect, CT

July 17  "Adventure Begins At Your Library" 10:30am Prospect, CT

July 23  “Library Program for Adults” 6pm Norwalk, CT

July 26 “Laughter is the Best Medicine” Teen Programs 10am & 12pm Newton, NJ

July 29 "Adventure Begins At Your Library" 4pm Rutherford, NJ

July 30  “Read, Renew, Repeat”4pm Acushnet, MA


August 2  “TGIF Comic Mime Camp Show” 10am Brattleboro, VT

August 6  “Read, Renew, Repeat” 3:30pm Longmeadow, MA

August 7  “The Alphabet of Imagination!” 11am Lincoln, MA

August 8  “Laughter is the Best Medicine” 4pm Ossining, NY

August 8  “Science in Motion Comic Mime” 6:30pm  White Plains, NY

August 12 "Adventure Begins At Your Library" 7:00pm Garnerville, NY

August 13 "Adventure Begins At Your Library" 1pm Unadilla, NY

August 14 “Mindfulness, Mime & Laughter” 10:30am Brockton, MA

August 15 "Adventure Begins At Your Library" 11am Clinton, MA


September 21-22 “Laughter Yoga Leader Certification/Refresher” Farmington,CT

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"Robert Rivest recently performed his Laughter is the Best Medicine show here at the Franklin Public Library and it was fabulous! Everyone in the audience, children and adults alike, were engaged, laughing along, and eager to get up and learn new mime techniques! It was so fun to see and the enthusiasm was contagious!” -Bree Comeau, MLIS, Assistant Youth Services Librarian, Franklin Public Library





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