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Reading Motivation & Literacy Alive Reading Celebrations with Robert Rivest


2023-2024 School Year - Live & Online School Program Options!

Flexibility is key. I can do any of my programs:


Virtual Live Stream 

Virtual Recorded Video

I am open to other options as they become available.

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Literacy Alive Reading Celebration! is a quick moving fun-filled enrichment program that gets students of all ages excited about reading. Robert Rivest's comic reading incentive program reveals the "hidden treasures" of reading and comically illustrates and the joys of reading everyday. His humorous celebration of reading has been a huge hit with elementary, middle school and family audiences. Robert's mastery of mime, theater and improvisation quickly engages children, teens, and adults, and keeps them actively engaged throughout the entire program.

Literacy, Laughter, and Kindness is a combination show, combining elements of Robert's Literacy Alive Reading Celebration with his Laughter and Mindfulness presentations. A delightful way to celebrate reading, while enjoying a good laugh and learning how to be kind to ourselves and each other.


Treasure Reading! Dig deep and reap the rewards!

For older students, Robert's Literacy Alive assemblies, incorporate comprehension strategies such as: using mental imagery and visualization, answering and generating questions, activating prior knowledge, making and verifying predictions, monitoring comprehension, and recognizing story structure.

Robert Rivest's playful, interactive, mime and theater stories offer crystal clear examples of: Plot, Character, Setting, Problem, Solution, Beginning, Middle, End, Comedy, and Drama. A fun, educational way to celebrate reading!

"Robert Rivest's 'Literacy Alive' school reading assemblies bring full circle the concept of reading and writing a story. The children are laughing while important concepts are reinforced. His shows are just as enchanting to teachers. Fantastic for everyone!"  -Diane Skoparantzos, Co-Chair for Read Across America Program

"Every teacher thought your ‘Literacy Alive’ performance complimented their work with the students in literacy perfectly.  They also commented that the children were engaged the entire time. The children actually went home and told their parents about it!  That's pretty impressive. Thank you Robert, for making our Celebrate Reading Week so much more meaningful and fun." - Joanna L. Rioux, Reading Specialist, Mildred Aitken School

"Robert Rivest's ‘Literacy Alive’ program was the complete package to reinforce the joy of reading and writing in our young students.  He hit on numerous skills for each area, while entertaining everyone, students and teachers, every minute of the way.  My students are still using mime to convey a story.  :)  Also, he was very helpful in mentioning our PARP program during his performance to reinforce what we do here for literacy. We absolutely loved this program! Truly a unique and must-have program for any school!" -Tammy Staie, Reading Specialist, Broadalbin-Perth The Learning Community

This festive celebration of reading is so exciting nearly every hand goes up for Robert's playful interactive pieces. Everyone gets a chance to act out a variety of characters and explore exciting story themes. He inspires even the most reluctant readers with his insightful, well crafted presentation of aspects of literature we often take for granted.

Adult and family presentations are 45-60 minutes in length (audience limit negotiable). School assembly shows are 45 minutes and often work best with 175-225 students (or less).

Robert Rivest’s Literacy Shows are perfect for promoting reading at reading-related school events:
  • Reading Challenge Kick Offs: for school shows and library programs
  • Student Reading Reward Celebrations
  • Read Across America Day: school assemblies
  • Dr. Seuss’s Birthday: school shows and family fun nights
  • National Reading Month: school reading theme assemblies and library programs
  • Read Aloud Week: kick offs and finales
  • 100 Day Reading Celebrations
  • Read-ins
  • Book Fairs
  • Family Literacy Nights
  • Read to Feed reading incentive and motivation program Kick offs
  • School year openings: fun, positive, new year kickoffs
  • End of the School Year Summer Reading promotion
  • "Book Blast and Bar-B-Que" reading promotion events
  • Literacy Awareness Events & Reading Conferences
  • National Young Readers Week: school assemblies & library programs
  • Anytime you would like a FUN READING PEP RALLY!
  • PBIS Reward Programs

Many schools set reading goals at the start of the year. Robert's literacy program can help get the year started on a positive note. His one of a kind comic mime reading show is an exciting way to promote independent reading and reinforce your school reading theme goals!


"This guy was great! I laughed out loud at his reading show. He was so funny. I liked how he showed the 5 senses and other details of reading. Robert Rivest's mime skills were Amazing. His interactions with the students were Awesome." Students' Comments, Springfield Technical Community College, MA

"Robert Rivest uses his body like a writer who chooses his words carefully. In his family literacy night performance he communicated with us brilliantly! His audience participation had everyone moving and laughing." Parents' comments, Nock Middle School , Newburyport, MA

"It was a pleasure to have Robert Rivest come to our school and focus on literacy and reading. The children were laughing and really enjoyed the performances. It is nice to present learning in such an entertaining way." Donna Boynton, Assembly Coordinator, North Canaan Elementary School, CT

"A terrific reading show! Everyone loved it. All feedback was positive for this highly artistic, very educational program. Literacy Alive has wide audience appeal." Brook Stevens, Storrs Library

For the very young (and young at heart) Robert Also offers . . .

A Fun PBIS Reward Program for Schools!  




The Alphabet of Imagination! 
Robert joyfully leads the audience on an awesome A to Z journey! This very playful, high energy show is an amazing synthesis of movement, imagery, characters and illusion. With a different mime piece for each letter of the alphabet, Robert Rivest shares the joys of reading and our limitless imaginations. More

Both programs are a fun way to promote reading while enjoying a good belly laugh!

These literacy presentations have material variations for: Pre-school A to Z assembly programs Lower Elementary School fun reading incentive Shows Upper Elementary School Literacy Motivation Shows Intermediate School Reading Motivation Assembly Programs Middle School Core Reading Assembly Programs Junior High School Core Literacy Performances High School Reading Incentive and Motivation program After School Interactive Reading Incentive and Motivation workshops Family Night Literacy Celebrations Programs Adults and Senior Citizen Reading Celebration Programs


2023-2024 School Year - Live & Online Options!

Flexibility is key. I can do any of my programs:


Virtual Live Stream 

Virtual Recorded Video

I am open to other options as they become available.

Let's chat today!

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