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A to Z Literacy

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Alphabet of Imagination is an amazing synthesis of movement, imagination, and laughter. With a different mime story for each letter of the alphabet, Robert Rivest highlights the joy of reading and the magical world of books. From Apple to Zoo, each member of the audience is learning, laughing, and fully engaged. Robert Rivest's quick moving mime stories explore a wide variety of interesting characters, humorous themes, and intriguing settings.

Robert Rivest's playful, easy going manner inspires children of all ages. They happily join in and eagerly try out their new mime skills during several audience participation pieces.

Picture this, imagine that: read!

This super silly celebration of reading takes the audience on an exiting journey through the alphabet, reminding everyone how important, fun and entertaining it is to read.

Runs 45 minutes for schools, 60 minutes for libraries and family shows

*A shorter, "just for fun" version of this program called The Alphabet show is also available for pre-schools.

Age Appropriate Shows: Pre-K- 2, 3-6, Best with 175-225 students

"All-School" & Family Audience versions limit negotiable

Alphabet of Imagination


"A to Z Literacy completely captivated our audience. Robert's journey traveling through the alphabet filled the audience with laughter."
Andover Elementary PTA Enrichment Committee, CT

We were so delighted with Robert Rivest's performance. It's wonderfulto find someone with such tremendous talent who relates so well to kids.
Jane Babcock, Director, Hadley Libraries, MA
" The feedback from both students and parents was great! Everyone enjoyed the show." Dr. Allen Osborne, Principal, Snug Harbor School, Quincy, MA

"The children and adults had a blast!"
PTO Chair, Center School

"Your love of reading and learning new information through books came through loud and clear." The way you combined mime movements with verbal commentary was very successful. It was a perfect show for a library!

You gave a whole new dimension to the art by adding a brief verbal introduction to each of the 26 short alphabet pieces, and the inclusion of lots of volunteers was a great way to keep the large audience involved.

From A to Z, you had the kids and parents fascinated and thoroughly entertained. "Thank you for the outstanding show - we hope to have you back soon." Mary Proudfoot, Librarian, Brookfield Library, CT

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