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Robert Rivest Laughter Seminars & Workshops

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Laughter, Expression, and Joy with Robert Rivest Robert Rivest shares his unique health and well-being practice blending mindful breathing, playful tai-chi, expressive movement, and laughter yoga. Participants will learn how to use body and facial expressions to convey (with positive energy) all of the excitement and joy that laughter yoga has to offer. Robert Rivest is an expert in mime, tai-chi and laughter, he is great at sharing how to free your body and mind so that laughter will flow freely, joyfully and spontaneously. His exciting exercises and energizing movement will help you feel more positive, playful, upbeat, and cheerful when practicing and leading Laughter Yoga.


Mindfulness and Spirituality in Laughter Yoga: Let the Joy deep with-in you blossom. Laughter yoga is more than clapping, chanting and laughing - it is a way of living! If you would like to live, breathe, move and laugh more deeply than this retreat is for you! You will learn powerful techniques that you can use everyday to help connect you spiritually with nature, yourself and others. Robert Rivest is brilliant at helping students find their innermost joy. His loving, kind, and wise teaching methods will allow your joy to blossom in abundance, and be ready to share with the world.


Love, Laughter and Mindfulness Half to One Day Seminar Robert Rivest shares his daily practice of mindful awareness, playful laughter Yoga and powerful meditations on receiving and sending love. In addition to laughing and playing with glee you will learn how to love yourself and others. How to forgive yourself and others. Robert is a master at cultivating and sharing peace, love, laughter and joy.


Laughter & Silence One-day seminar ~ Peaceful Meditation, Healing Laughter & Soulful Silence We will explore the deep inner peace that comes with silence and stillness as well as the body-mind healing that comes from breathing, moving, laughing and (wordlessly) interacting with others. We will seamlessly flow in and out of each moment, each experience with deep awareness, inner calm and outer playfulness. The space is a beautiful yoga center.


One-day Super Laughter Seminar! Bring more energy and expressiveness to your life and laughter yoga practice! When Robert Rivest was a Mime student in Paris his teachers and fellow students called him “SUPERMAN” because he brought so much power and energy to everything he did. In this seminar we will explore movement, breathing and laughter Yoga exercises that are “LARGER THAN LIFE” Fun exercises and games that will bring you and your students more energy, vitality, playfulness and joy! They will help turn you into a laughter yoga super hero :) Plenty of time to sing, dance, laugh, play (and fly) around the room. A super Joy-filled day. Yay!


Robert Rivest’s method of mindful living: In this seminar Robert Robert brings the profound well-being benefits of mindfulness meditation into everyday life. He shares the important practices that have completely transformed his life from a troubled, unhealthy, trauma surviver to an internationally admired teacher promoting world peace, love, laughter and joy. Participants will learn a peaceful series of mindful sitting, standing, walking and moving meditations from around the world as well as mindful talking, listening, and eating. Participants learn how to find peace and joy daily, by mindfully working through discomfort. A fun, yet practical approach to mindfulness.

Mindfulness, Laughter Yoga, and “The Next Level” In this seminar there will be plenty of fun, playful and expressive laughter Yoga exercises, as well as mindful movement, tai-chi and inner connectedness. In our quieter moments we will reflect on what we want from our life and our practice. What is the next step? Robert will share how to deepen your practice and bring greater meaning to your life. An exciting seminar full of inspiration, motivation, laughter and Joy.

In the shorter seminar and workshop versions you experience the material and instant benefits. In the longer versions you receive Robert Rivest’s teachings on a much deeper level and can easily make them a healthy part of your life.


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Robert Rivest teaches Laughter Yoga Leader Training Certification Online! 

Robert Rivest Online

Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Laughter Refresher: 

August 6-7, 2022

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Robert Rivest is an internationally admired Laughter Yoga Teacher and Certified Master Trainer. He is a renowned comic mime artist, an accomplished health, literacy and stress relief educator, and an engaging public speaker. Robert's teaching style is influenced by a 25 year practice of Mindfulness Meditation, Tai-Chi and Qigong. Since 1985, he has given over 7,000 presentations in Europe, Asia, Africa and across the U.S.  His keynotes, trainings, retreats, and “Laugh- Along” YouTube videos have helped thousands of people around the world feel healthier and happier.

Robert is dedicated to sharing peace, laughter and joy around the world.  His programs bring health, levity and stress relief to people of all ages, backgrounds and sensibilities! Robert Rivest’s Laughter Yoga Teacher & Leader Trainings are fun, informative and inspiring. Laugh with him in the U.S.A or bring him to your country!

Services Offered: Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Trainings & Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings, Motivational Keynotes, Corporate Wellness Programs, Staff Stress Relief programs, School Programs, College Programs, Public Awareness Seminars, Mindful Living & Laughter Retreats, One on One Coaching, Laughter Fitness Training for Athletes, Artists & Performing Artists, Laughter & Health Programs for Seniors/Hospitals/Clinics/Support Groups  . . . and more.




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