"Whatever the event Robert Rivest
moves, delights, and captivates all!"

Mindfulness, Breathing + Tai-Chi Videos

What is Mindfulness? (1) Robert Rivest

A simple explanation of what Mindfulness is. Video 1 in a series of free Mindfulness Meditation Practice videos with Mindfulness Teacher & Stress Relief Educator, Robert Rivest.

Breathing Exercises with Robert Rivest (Switzerland)

15 Min. Several great breathing exercises with Robert Rivest. Breathe, move, smile and laugh your way to stress relief.

Quick Stress Relief with Robert Rivest

As Robert says, "Forget about this mess, it's time to de-stress!" Quick, fun, energizing ways to relieve stress with stress relief educator, Robert Rivest. A great way to relax and let go. Includes a mindful message to help degrease suffering and increase joy.

Mindful Tai-Chi with Robert Rivest, Laguna Beach, CA

Robert Rivest's warm-up with the calming sound of ocean waves. http://www.robertrivest.com/ follow theses slow, peaceful moves for mind body health.

Mindfulness Meditation (2) "Breath Awareness" Robert Rivest

Mindfulness Meditation on Breathe Awareness. Video 2 in this series of free Mindfulness Meditation Practice videos with Mindfulness Teacher & Stress Relief Educator, Robert Rivest.

Morning Breathing Exercises with Robert Rivest

Breathe easier, feel alert, yet calm and peaceful. Simple breathing exercises with Mindfulness Teacher, Robert Rivest

Mindfulness Meditation (3) "Returning" Robert Rivest

Mindfulness Meditation on Returning to the Present Moment. Video 3 in this series of free Mindfulness Meditation Practice videos with Mindfulness Teacher & Stress Relief Educator, Robert Rivest.

Mindful Tai-Chi Bamboo Forest

Robert Rivest's Smile Tai-Chi Form (English/Japanese) in a beautiful bamboo forest in Japan.

7 Mindful Ways to Relieve Stress

Mindfulness teacher, Robert Rivest presents 7 mindful ways to help ease daily stress, allowing you to work more effectively and play more enjoyably. How we manage stress effects every part of our lives! For mindful stress management workshops, comic stress relief shows and simple stress relieving tips.

Relieve Stress while Building Concentration.

Robert Rivest leads you through a simple Mindfulness Meditation and ends with a (seated) Tai-Chi form. Robert Rivest offers ALLIA FLOW: Mindful Meditation/Creative Tai-Chi classes, workshops and seminars.

Mindfulness Meditation (4) "In/Out" Robert Rivest

Mindfulness Meditation with a light focus on the "in" and "out" breath. Video 4 in this series of free Mindfulness Meditation Practice videos with Mindfulness Teacher & Stress Relief Educator, Robert Rivest.

Robert Rivest Method of Mindful Stress Relief

Release, Relax & Let Go with Robert Rivest. A beautiful blend of refreshing breathing exercises, mindful moves, healing laughter, calming visualization & true inspiration. Robert Rivest Method of Mindful Stress Relief combines elements of mindfulness meditation, yogic breathing, qigong, tai-chi, mime, dance and creative expression.

Laughter, Mindfulness, & Stress Relief with Robert Rivest

An energizing yet relaxing laughter session with Robert Rivest Laughter Yoga Master Trainer & Mindful Stress Relief Educator. This video includes mindful moves, peaceful breathing, healing laughter and a pleasant relaxation.

Mindful Moves with Ocean Waves

Robert Rivest's Mindful Tai-Chi warm-up ( Qigong, Movement, Yoga, Breath, Dance) filmed at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Follow along and feel more alert, awake and alive,yet calm and peaceful.

Laugh & Let Go with Robert Rivest

Transfom your mood in six sensational minutes! Laugh, move and breathe along with stress relief educator and laughter yoga master trainer, Robert Rivest.

Mindful Tai-Chi

2 Minute Follow Along Mindful Tai-Chi Practice with Robert Rivest. Start your day with a smile.

Breathing for Health & Wellness

6 Breathing Exercises for health, well-being & inner peace. Follow along with Robert Rivest. This 15 minute daily breathing practice includes music, diagrams and helpful text.

Mindfulness Meditation (5) “Sound Awareness” Robert Rivest

Mindfulness Meditation “Sound Awareness Meditation" with Mindfulness Teacher & Stress Relief Educator, Robert Rivest. Video 5 in this series of free Mindfulness Meditation Practice videos with Robert.

Breathe, Move, Laugh

Robert Rivest combines breathing, tai-chi, qigong, yoga, dance, mime & laughter yoga in a playful 10 minute follow along exercise routine.

Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief - Robert Rivest

Breathe along with Robert to improve mind-body health. Feel energized, yet calm and relaxed. Breathe easier all day.

Mindfulness Meditation (6) “Body Awareness" Robert Rivest

Basic “Body Awareness" Mindfulness Meditation with Mindfulness Teacher & Stress Relief Educator, Robert Rivest. Video 6 in this series of free Mindfulness Meditation Practice videos with Robert.

Peaceful Meditation - Robert Rivest

Bring peace & calm to your body & mind with Robert Rivest's easy to follow, 5 minute guided meditation.

Morning Breathing Exercises - Robert Rivest

6 Simple Breathing Exercises! A quick morning session with stress relief educator, Robert Rivest. Start your day in a positive way and breathe the blues away! (8 Minute version)

5 Meditations

5 Simple Meditations "Breathing into Every Cell", "Cool in, Warm out", "So-Hum", "Breathing for Others", "Loving-Kindness" Practice with Robert Rivest

Fun, Quick and Easy Stress Relief

Breath, laughter, and Mindful Moves to relieve stress. From Robert Rivest's Stress Relief series.

Stress Relief in 4 Moves! Mindful Tai-Chi with Robert Rivest

A Mindful Tai-Chi stress relief exercise based on the element of Water by Robert Rivest An informal 5 minute practice video to help you feel energized yet, calm, peaceful and relaxed.

Mindful Stress Relief

Robert Rivest reminds us that quick stress relief throughout the day we can notice our body, breath and mind. Visualize your Body as a Mountain, Breath as the wind, Mind as the sky

Robert's Warm-Up & Laughter in Japan ~ Robert Rivest

Practice Robert Rivest's Mindful Tai-Chi and Laughter Yoga Warm-Up (English /Japanese) This study/practice video has 3 parts: Flow-Instruction-Flow. Mindfulness, breathing, movement, and laughter. Helps you feel alert and awake yet, calm and peaceful. A wonderful way to relieve stress. Translation by Michi Morioka.

Mindful Tai-Chi "Present Moment" Form

Robert Rivest's Mindful Tai-Chi (English/Japanese). Words by Thich Nhat Hanh, Translated by Michi Morioka. Kyoto, Japan

Laughing Chi

Robert Rivest combines laughter yoga, tai-chi & mindful poetry. He playfully transforms is "Morning Smile" Mindful Tai-Chi form into a joyful laughter exercise to get your morning Qi flowing.

10 Mindful Verses

10 Mindful Breathing Verses for stress relief! Stress Management Educator, Robert Rivest presents his adaptions of Thich Nhat Hahn's poetic mindful breathing practice.

Healing Breathing, Mindful Moving & Playful Laughter -Robert Rivest

Robert Rivest's "Happiness Exercise Program" Mindful Tai-Chi, Creative Laughter Yoga, Peaceful Guided Relaxation & Positive Message for peace, love, laughter & Joy.

Mindful Tai-Chi Follow Along - Robert Rivest

Mindful Tai-Chi: Falmouth Beach, Cape Code, MA. Follow along with Robert Rivest. Feel more energy, yet calm and peaceful.

Morning Meditations & Visualizations Robert Rivest

(20 Min) A series of Meditations & Visualizations for Health & Happiness with Robert Rivest, Stress Relief Educator and Laughter Yoga Master Trainer. Includes: Mindful Body Scan, Cellular Breathing, Cool/Warm, So-Hum, Breathing for Others, Loving-Kindness Meditation, Health/Wealth Visualization, Career/Relationship Visualization, Humming Meditation and more.

Guided Relaxation with Robert Rivest

Guided relaxation with stress relief educator Robert Rivest. A peaceful, calming, relaxing, visualization with loving kindness.

Breathe Easy in 5 Minutes! Stress Relief w/ Robert Rivest

Breathe with ease in 5 minutes!This video includes 4 simple breathing exercises with stress relief expert Robert Rivest. It is a condensed version of his "Basic Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief" This simple, yet effective, breathing follow along video is easy to do and it helps you feel refreshed all day long.

Morning Mindfulness, Stress Relief & Laughter ~Robert Rivest

Meditation, Breathing, Visualization & Laughter w/ Robert Rivest Master Trainer

Yin-Yang Mindful Movement - Robert Rivest

Robert Rivest draws the Yin-Yang image with Arm, Shoulder, Hand, All. Follow along to feel peaceful & calm.

Thay Chi :)

Thich Nhat Hanh's Mindful Verses to Tai-Chi. Part of Robert Rivest's Allia Flow: Mindful Meditation - Creative Tai-Chi movement series.

Mindful Retreat

Robert Rivest's 3 Day Mindful Retreat, Mount Kõya, Japan Robert shares a peaceful series of mindful sitting, standing, walking and moving meditations from around the world.

Mindful Moves with Robert Rivest

Silent "Smile Form" Mindful Moves with Robert Rivest, Irago Cape, Japan.

Peaceful Mindful Breathing Exercises

10 mindful verses I recite everyday to bring peace, calm and clarity to my mind and body. These mindful verses, adapted from the mindful teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, have helped transform my life. They help me live with greater ease, stability, harmony, tranquillity and freedom. Follow along breath, by breath. For a deeper practice do each verse for 2 min

Laughter Yoga Breathing Exercises Robert Rivest

Breathing Exercises for Laughter Yoga Sessions w/ Robert Rivest Master Trainer. Robert created this as a study guide for his new Laughter Yoga Teachers and Leaders, but these excellent breathing exercises can be used anytime to relieve stress and feel great!

Laughter Yoga Pranayama Practice Session with Robert Rivest

(15 Min) 6 Breathing Exercises with time and space to mindfully be aware of your body, your breathing and your mind. An expanded version his popular video "Laughter Yoga Pranayama Laughter Yoga Pranayama (Basic Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief) Robert Rivest"

Mindful Tai-Chi (Up Sky, Down Earth) Robert Rivest

"Up Sky, Down Earth" form is a part of Robert Rivest's mindful Tai- Chi movement series. Robert Rivest has a wonderful way of simplifying and sharing key elements of Meditation and Tai-Chi with people who have never practiced, tried or even heard of them before. Over the past 20 years Robert Rivest has practiced and taught a variety of wellness and stress management techniques such as meditation, breathwork, yoga, tai-chi, and qigong.

Mindful Warm-up with Laughter Yoga Leaders - Robert Rivest

Mindfulness in Motion. A peaceful flow of breathing and graceful moves with Robert Rivest and his students.