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Laughter Yoga Offerings

Robert Rivest offers a wide variety of Laughter programs!
Need a fun event for your group? Robert Rivest's Laughter Yoga programs give participants a positive, memorable, shared experience full of laughter and joy!
Laughter Yoga for Wellness with Robert Rivest is a healthy way relieve stress. A wonderful way to bring levity and laughter to your group. Perfect for businesses, corporations, schools, colleges, libraries, hospitals and wellness/fitness centers . . .
Children, Teen and Family Groups love moving, playing and laughing together! Contact Robert Rivest to see how Laughter Yoga can bring more joy, energy and laughter to your group!
Robert Rivest offers a weekly Laughter Yoga Class, Every Sunday Eve at 4:45 PM in Heartsong Yoga Center, East Longmeadow, MA
Robert Rivest is available for TV, Radio and Newspaper interviews and demonstrations (Pictured here on Live Mass Appeal Show)
Laughter Yoga is great exercise for the heart, lungs, diaphragm, abdominal muscles, circulation . . . Robert Rivest can vary the sessions from the more subtle, "chair laughter yoga", to the more vigorous, "athletic laughter yoga" depending on the needs and abilities of the group.
You can become a certified Laughter Yoga Leader! Robert Rivest offers CLYL Trainings for individuals, groups and organizations - it is a life changing experience!
Senior centers and assisted living facilities in Poineer Valley are offering Robert's weekly Laughter Yoga classes. Contact Robert for details.
" The ho, ho, ha, ha Laughing Song" by Robert Rivest is fun, upbeat, and easy to learn. He has shared it with numerous groups - from pre-school to adult.
Robert Rivest's most effective presentation combines comic mime, inspirational stories, centering tai-chi and energizing laughter yoga.

If you are interested in bringing more laughter and wellness to your workplace or event please contact Robert Rivest at: Phone: 413-747-5004 Email: ROBERT RIVEST

Contact Robert today to discuss the best program for you.

All Robert Rivest Programs can be done In-person or Online.