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Health & Mindfulness School Programs with Robert Rivest Humorist & Comic Mime Artist

Healthy Choices is a high-energy comedy program in which health and humor go hand in hand. Robert Rivest's humorous insights connect deeply with children, teens, and adults, moving them to make mindful choices about food, exercise, entertainment, and safety. Robert Rivest immediately captivates audiences, engaging them mime skills and theater stories of important health choices we all face everyday. 


"It was such a pleasure to have you here, people simply raved about your performance. I loved it that you involved the audience so much. Thanks for coming down!"

Judy M. Gantt, Director Global Health Odyssey, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Health, Happiness & Laughter
K-8 Health Program Fun!      Healthy Choices For All Ages!

Robert Rivest Offers Comic, Insightful Reminders to:

  • Eat more whole foods, fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Get enough quality sleep.
  • Enjoy a variety of exercise.
  • Feel feelings and express emotions.
  • Make mindful choices about T.V. / Computer / Games.
  • Steer clear of unhealthy choices and impulsive behaviors.


"It is a unique talent to be able take 300 plus kids on a friday afternoon, grab their collective attention AND teach them something. You are such a talent. I have received nothing but raves from teachers and students alike since your performance. The main comment was that they were learning without realizing they were being taught. A rare skill indeed."

Jay Kellar School Nurse Coastal Ridge Elementary School

"It was a joy to see the belly laughs of both students and staff! Robert Rivest is a professional and his artistic abilities are of a high quality. His Healthy Choices show was developmentally appropriate for our audience, everyone had a smile on their face."

Cherie McComb, Principal, Sauter School

"You 're going to love it! I have never laughed so hard a school assembly before. The whole audience was involved, even the teachers."

Julie Lawlor, Cultural Arts Chair, Laurel Ledge PTO


2023-2024 Live & Online School Programs!

Flexibility is key. Robert can do any of his programs:


Virtual Live Stream 

Virtual Recorded Video

Robert is open to other options as they become available.

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Robert can also include fun effective ways to: Build concentration, calm the body and relieve stress.
Relieve Stress, Energize & Focus!   Mindful Stress Management Tools


* NEW*

Mindfulness and Stress Relief with Robert Rivest: Many schools and organizations are incorporating mindfulness as a way to help students and staff focus, feel centered, improve social skills and encourage the self-awareness aspect of a growth mindset. Robert Rivest's "Mindfulness and Stress Relief" school programs help teach the basics of mindfulness in a fun, entertaining way. In this program, students and teachers learn mindfulness exercises and stress relief techniques that will help them breathe, relax, focus, concentrate, and learn. Robert teaches how to act, react and interact mindfully. Mindfulness can help build a better school climate and help foster a more positive school culture. Robert is a great presenter, he shares simple, memorable stories and humorous tales that bring mindfulness principles to life.  Robert Rivest has been teaching Mindfulness Meditation, Tai-Chi, and Comic Mime to all ages, for over 20 years. With his unique blend of energy, creativity, playfulness and peacefulness, Robert shares the joys of being alive, in the present moment. 

Robert Rivest helps students & teachers:

  • Breathe, Move & Think Mindfully.
  • Improve Focus & Concentration.
  • Be More Aware of Self & Others.
  • Enjoy Learning & Teaching.
  • Act, React & Interact Mindfully.
  • Build a Better School Climate
  • Foster a Positive School Culture.


"Hartland School was so glad to have Robert Rivest return to help us open another school year.  His new "Mindfulness in Schools" program reached our pre-K through 8th graders. It was a joyful time spent observing Robert's mime talents while learning strategies that will support our stressful days. One staff member remarked, 'I learned that my day is what I make of it.' How amazing it was to witness an entire room concentrating on their breathing." -Ronnie Alicata Hartland School, CT

“Robert’s Mindfulness in Schools program was a hit! Our middle school students and staff enjoyed Robert’s presentation of mindfulness education and practical techniques. Robert was entertaining, hilarious, and thought provoking. Several staff members and students were practicing mindfulness techniques in their classrooms within the same day. I can’t recommend him enough!” -Michael Engber, School Counselor West Brook Middle School

Robert Rivest's mindfulness show was engaging, effective and the perfect length to keep the K-5 kids engrossed.  He very much incorporated the 5 Mindful Growth Habits that our school community has been working on all year.  These include Empathy, Flexibility, Persistence, Resilience and Optimism. It was a wonderful  assembly! -Susan Linehan RN, BSN, South Range Elementary School
"Thank you SO much Robert, for coming to Lakeland Regional for our Faculty/Staff Wellness Day!  I have already received so many compliments about the day, and how wonderful you were and how relaxed they felt!  Some staff members were telling me how they realized today that they don't laugh enough, or smile enough.  It was a pleasure seeing you again and I hope that we get to work together again in the future!" Ms. Kelly Norton, M.S., Student Assistance Counselor, Lakeland Regional High School
"During our Monday Professional Development Robert Rivest took our staff on a journey of emotions. We were able to let ourselves relax through meditation and breathing, then laugh through different lessons of laughter- small laughter up to big gusty laughter. It was amazing! Our staff definitely felt the difference in our bodies after our PD. Thanks Robert!"
 - Lisa Jones, LCSW, School Adjustment Counselor, Dryden Memorial School
Robert Rivest offers 4 ways to bring mindfulness to your school:
1. "Mindfulness in Schools with Robert Rivest" Assembly Programs bring mindfulness to the entire school in a fun, entertaining way. Robert can do 3 mindfulness assemblies per day. Can include Mindfulness Mindset: Empathy, Flexibility, Persistence, Resilience and Optomisim .
2. "Mindfulness in the Classroom" Workshops, and Residencies go deeper into the material. Robert shares age appropriate and situation specific mindfulness exercises. Robert can do 5 mindfulness classes per day. He offers 1 day, 3 day and Weeklong Mindfulness Residencies.
3. "Mindfulness for Teachers, Staff & Educators" Workshops and Staff Development to help teachers receive the mind-body health benefits of mindfulness. Robert also teaches how to successfully share mindfulness with their students. He answers questions and teaches specific mindfulness exercises to meet the needs of the teachers, staff and school. Can be 1 to 3 hour, half or full day Mindfulness Staff Development Workshops/In-services.
4. "Family Mindfulness Night" Families get to come together and learn mindfulways to de-stress and enjoy life more.

Robert Rivest's Mindfulness and Stress Relief program can be combined with his Healthy Choices - Healthy lives presentation. Some schools have gotten Social Emotional Wellness grants or Health and Wellness grants to bring Robert in. 

Robert can focus on material specific to your school or organization. Some schools have him highlight the 5 Mindful Growth Habits: Empathy, Flexibility, Persistence, Resilience, and Optimism. Other schools want beginning strategies and knowledge of mindfulness to help reduce stress, anxiety and conflict. Some want his mindfulness program to help create a positive outlook, encouraging positive school culture and good choices. Teachers and staff often want to use Robert's mindfulness program to help students be more supportive, nurturing, and kind. 


For more info contact:   Robert Rivest 413-519-2256


“Thank you for coming to Bardonia Health Day and for performing your "Healthy Choices" program to all of our students.  Everyone is still talking about how great you were and how much they enjoyed participating. The time and effort that you take to prepare and perform your health & wellness assembly is most appreciated.  I am grateful for your deep concern and commitment to health awareness and for quality education. Looking forward to seeing again in the future.”

Jen Grogan Physical Education Teacher, Bardonia Elementary School

"The artistic quality and the educational value was phenomenal. I would definitely recommend Robert's Health program. It was fun, educational, interactive and creative. The students loved it."

Jose Colon, P.E. Teacher, Bishop Elementary School

Inspired by his artistry, enthusiasm and quick wit, audiences of all ages eagerly participate in
Robert's interactive mime, health and exercise segments.
Adult and family health shows are 45-60 minutes in length (audience limit negotiable).

School health shows are 45 minutes and often work best with 175-225 students (or less). Staff development programs also available.

Reviews for Robert Rivest's "Healthy Choices" Health & Wellness assemblies

"Fabulous! It was very positive and educational reaching our mixed-age crowd with good humor. His versatility can address a variety of subjects with aplomb. You must have Robert come do a program for you. He is terrific at what he does."

Melinda Georgeson, Director of Education, Norman Rockwell Museum

"Robert has the wonderful ability to pull the audience in and keep them engaged. I was wondering how a mime could get across the message of making Healthy Choices, but it worked! The educational and entertainment aspects of the show were great."

Patty Musgrove, Health/ P.E. Coordinator Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School


"My favorite is the number of water bottles I'm now seeing on the kid's desks and the deep breathingsessions at morning meetings. I understand my counterpart over at the other elementary school is hearing and seeing the same thing. Thank you."

Jay Kellar School Nurse Coastal Ridge Elementary School

"Students were mesmerized, engaged, and highly entertained. Robert is an incredible talent ... we have to get him back again!"

Teachers' comments, Miles River School Middle School

"Robert's Healthy Choices show was great! It was so much better than having someone just lecture about health and nutrition. The kids loved it!"

Teachers' comment, Perlvy Elem

"We received great feedback from the teachers and children at McAlister and Spaulding schools on your Healthy Choices/Physical Fitness program. It was a perfect fit for Physical Fitness Day. The PE teachers were very pleased with your program."

Shirley Leckie, PTO

"That was great! The best program I have ever seen here! The students were spellbound for the entire program."

Teacher's comments, Nathan Hale Middle School

"Everyone was very impressed and had a wonderful time. He always had complete control of the audience. He kept them focused and having fun. Anytime Robert asked for volunteers, everyone raised their hands."

Lissa Romaine, Director Giggles Theater, St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Attention Health Teachers and Program Directors: Robert can include themes, slogans, or topics you would like highlighted in the show. You can be as specific as you like. Robert customizes programs for each grade pre-K through 12, as well as adult and family audiences.

"Healthy choices everyday improve our lives in every way."
 Robert Rivest 413-519-2256
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