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Celebrate Fizz Boom Read! 2014 Summer Science theme with Robert Rivest's Science in Motion!

Robert Rivest's Science in Motion! is an explosive blend of comedy and science that enthralls both children and adults. Through an exciting use of mime, comedy, audience participation and informative science tie-ins, Robert Rivest inspires his audience to see science in a new light. Everyone gets to actively participate! From being part of a giant audience water cycle to trying out comic characters in Robert's hilarious science skits, it's pure fun for all. Science at Play! Audiences get to experience science kinetically!

Robert Rivest's Science in Motion and the Fizz, Boom, Read @ your Library theme . . .

Robert's Interactive Summer Science Stories include:

Walls, walls, walls: Solid, Liquid, Gas
A Rain Drop Journey: Water Cycle
Life on Earth: Climate Change
Get Moving: Gravity, Inertia
Planting Seeds: Photosynthesis
Baby Bird: Eggs, Habitat, Flight
Push, Pull, Lift: Simple Machines
The Aquarium: Sea life, Float, Sink
Umbrella Piece: Wind, Weather
Caterpillar/Butterfly: Metamorphosis

Everyone gets to move, play, laugh and celebrate science with one of America's most treasured mime artists!

Summer Library Program BLOCK BOOKING is Available in MA, CT, NY, NH, NJ, VT and ME!

Robert Rivest 2014 Summer Library Program Schedule so far

Block Booking still Available!

6/17 Belchertown, MA

6/18 Danielson, CT, 6pm

6/19 Boylston, MA 6:30pm

6/21 Arlington, MA, 1:30pm

6/24 Paxton, MA, 7pm

6/25 Rahway, NJ 2pm

6/25 Springfield, NJ, 7pm

6/26 Springfield, MA, 11am

6/26 Delmar, NY 7pm

6/28 Amherst, MA, 6pm

7/1 West Bridgewater, MA 2:pm

7/1 Middleborough, MA 6:30pm

7/2 New London, NH, 2pm

7/2 Candia, NH, 6:30pm

7/5 Manchester Center, VT, 12pm

7/8 Utica, NY 10:30am

7/9 Autism Camp Framingham, MA, 8:30-11::30am

7/9 Holliston, MA, 2pm

7/10 Autism Camp Framingham, MA, 8:30-10:30am

7/10 New Haven, CT 8pm

7/14 South Yarmouth, MA 3:30pm

7/15 Tuxedo Park, NY, 4pm

7/15 Valley Cottage, NY 6:30pm

7/16 Leominster, MA, 3pm

7/16 Acton, MA, 7pm

7/17 East Longmeadow, MA 1PM

7/18 Acushnet., MA, 1:30 pm

7/19 New Haven, CT 3:30pm

7/22 Delhi, NY, 2pm

7/22 Deposit, NY, 5pm

7/23 Greenwood Lake, NY 11am

7/28 New City, NY 7pm

7/29 Stony Point, NY 4:15

7/29 Cornwall, NY 6:30pm

7/30 Springfield, MA, 1pm

7/30 Naugatuck, CT 6:30pm

7/31 Private Camp, Marlborough,MA, 10am

7/31 New Haven, CT 8pm

8/1 Argyle, NY, 10:30am

8/4 Pembroke, MA , 3pm

8/6 Belmont, MA, 2pm

8/6 Beverly, MA 6pm

8/9 Roxbury, CT 11am

8/11 Burlington, MA, 11am

8/11 Haverhill, MA, 2pm Fam + 4pm Teens

8/12 Clinton, MA 2pm

8/13 Ridgefield, CT, 6pm

8/14 Garnerville, NY, 6pm

8/20 West Springfield, MA, 3pm

8/28 9:45am & 10:45am Sch Kick off! :) Southborough, MA

9/2 - 9/17 Mount Koya, Kyoto & Tokyo Japan, Yay!

contact ROBERT RIVEST for his most recent list.

Year-round interactive Library programs
for children, teens and adults.

Funny Bits
Highlights the best of Robert Rivest's 20 year career as a master mime performer, comic actor and improv artist. Through humorous mime stories, spoken word physical comedy and a zany cast of characters, Robert Rivest transforms an empty stage into pure hilarity! His true gift is his ability to turn everyday situations into hysterically funny experiences that audiences of all ages can relate to! This is a cultural arts comedy event that you will never forget, full of imagery rich stories, awe inspiring mime illusion, and plenty of playful audience participation.

A fun way to bring the whole community together through
smiles, giggles, and roaring laughter.

"If you can only book one performer, make it Robert Rivest! His mime show was awesome. The audience loved him and completely enjoyed the interaction. Even the most shy were motivated to participate by his genuinely warm and friendly approach. We would have him back again in a heartbeat."
-Wendy Payette, East Brookfield Public Library, MA

"I love programs that entertain parents as much as they do children, and Robert Rivest's show definitely accomplished that goal. His unique mixture of mime and comedy along with a strong pro-library message, completely engaged our diverse audience."
-Patty Falconer, Hampstead Public Library, NH

The Alphabet of Imagination! Robert joyfully leads audiences of all ages on an awesome A to Z journey! This fun, festive, high energy show is an amazing synthesis of movement, imagery, characters and illusion. With a different mime piece for each letter of the alphabet, Robert Rivest highlights the pure joy of our limitless imaginations.

"We were so delighted with Robert Rivest's performance. It's wonderful to find someone with such tremendous talent who relates so well to kids."
-Jane Babcock, Director, Hadley Libraries, MA

Character and Comedy for Teens Master mime artist and comic actor Robert Rivest explores character, comedy and expression in this fasinating interactive teen program. Robert Rivest uses his famous comic mime stories and improv scenes as a fun way for teens to look at what lies beneath the surface in different written characters, and the "characters" around us, including ourselves. The program includes a mini 'hands-on' theater workshop in communication, subtext, facial expression and body language! Teens love Robert's true to life characters, awesome illusionary skills and his playful, down-to-earth sense of humor.

"If you want a program that is interactive and a lot of fun then Robert Rivest's Teen Mime Program is the program for you. The participants were laughing and imitating what Robert was doing. Teens were shown how to do mime and they had a blast."
-Margie Walker, Teen Librarian, Amesbury Public Library

Less Stress, More Laughter & Joy for Adults and Seniors
This program is gaining rave reviews for its unique combination of Robert's renowned comic mime performance with his "Laughter for Wellness" interactive workshop. Audiences thoroughly enjoy the comic relief and insights of Robert's performance, and then get to experience laughing for their health and well-being through his playful laughter yoga and tai-chi exercises.

Research has shown that laughter boosts the immune system, increases oxygen intake, releases endorphins and serotonin, reduces blood pressure, and relieves stress. In this innovative program, Robert Rivest unites everyone with joyful laughter while offering important skills to add to your "Stress Relief Tool Box." Come join the fun!

"It was an absolute delight to have Robert Rivest perform here at the Gilmanton Year Round Library! We giggled ourselves silly!"
- Pam Jansury, Gilmanton Year Round Library, NY

"I worked in the wellness industry for 15 years. I not only gave many wellness-based presentations but attended numerous ones. What I found so wonderful about Robert Rivest's program is that it is so easy to take away the idea of smiling and laughing as a strategy for dealing with stress and a means for improving your overall health."
- Carla Grimaldi, MSEd. Read/Write/Now Adult Learning Center

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 Stress Relief Workshop!               Laughter Yoga with Adults 

" ...definitely hire him! He is easy to work with, and he is an impressive performer. Both the children and adults who came to his show at our library were laughing throughout his hour-long performance."
Marissa Ciullo, Children's Librarian, Oxford Public Library, CT

"His energy is contagious, and I find fairly reticent kids eager to mime the mime, and we all get to learn some moves. We'll have him back again...He's always a hit.
Amy Gavalis, Children's Librarian, Lincoln Public Library, Lincoln, MA

"I highly recommend Robert Rivest! I wish he could take over classes for a day, inspire some kids to get fit and learn to use their bodies in new ways and laugh a little more."
Teen Advisor, Lunenberg Public Library, MA

" Extremely gifted . . . Mr. Rivest's show was a huge success based on the feedback of patrons and staff of all ages! We loved reading was promoted!
Laurie Meheran, Burlington Public Library, CT

"Very entertaining and inspiring! He held the adults' and children's attention well. It was the most successful show our library hosted and, without a doubt,, the show most able to bridge the generation gap."
Mary Farrell, Children's Librarian, George Homes Bixby Memorial Library, Francestown, NH

Literacy Alive Show!               Science in Motion!

"We enjoyed your visit immensely. The way you interacted with the kids, and made sure any who wanted to participate got to participate, was especially appreciated. Also, the way you incorporated stories into the mime performance was very unique . . . You had the kids (and adults!) attention the entire time."

Becky Manahan, St. Albans Free Library, VT

"The kids - and adults - who attended Robert's show were completely mesmerized by his performance. . . There were kids as young as three up on stage with tweens and teens, and everyone had a great time . . . A mom who was sitting next to me during Robert's performance turned to me at one point and said, "He's AMAZING!! Wow!!"
Abby Kingsbury, Harvard Public Library, MA

"The audience was quite captivated by Robert's mime activities! Robert was extremely professional and the children and adults were mesmerized by his performance!"

Laura Sidoti, Greece Public Library, NY

Spread joy and laughter @ your library with Comic Mime Robert Rivest

Contact Robert: Email: Robert Rivest
Phone: 413.747.5004

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