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Laugh Along with Robert

Laugh Along with Robert

You can do it!

Daily practice is the best way to receive the physiological and psychological health benefits of Laughter Yoga.
This laugh along practice page offers 10 free Laughter Yoga video options. I initially set it up for my students and friends from around the world who are participating in the 40 Day Laughter Challenge, but truly, it is here for anyone that needs to boost their spirits, relieve stress and have a good laugh.

The 40 Day Laughter Challenge: Laugh for at least 10 minutes a day with these 10 free Laughter Yoga videos. Laugh for 40 consecutive days to create a new positive habit. Email me (ROBERT RIVEST) along the way to let know how you feel. Your first step towards a healthier, happier you starts today. Happy laughing to to you.

10 Min very playful Laugh Along Workout with Robert Rivest, Includes Types of Laughs, Cellphone Laughter, Gift Giving/Receive, Rocket to the Moon, and You are a Ballon Laughter Yoga exercises, Laughter meditation (free laughter) and Guided relaxation.

A fun, 10 minute Laughter Yoga exercise routine with Robert Rivest. Includes Aloha Laughter, Milkshake, 1 meter, no reason, tarzan, instrument and ocean wave Laughter Yoga exercises.

Pure Laughing (10 Min) Laugh along with Robert and his overdubbed silly laughs.

Breathe, Move, Laugh: Robert Rivest combines breathing, tai-chi, qigong, yoga, dance, mime & laughter yoga in a playful 10 minute follow along exercise routine.

For a more complete Laughter Yoga workout you can use Robert's
15 and 20 minute Laughter Yoga exercise routines below!

A great 15 Min Laughter Yoga workout compilation full of energizing Laughter Yoga exercises, Interactive Laughter Yoga exercises and stress relieving breathing exercises from Robert Rivest

An energetic 15 min LAUGH ALONG Laughter Yoga workout Humming, Stretch Laugh, ho,ho,ha,ha,ha, and very good, very good yay (as exercise), Greeting laughter, 1 Meter, Tarzan, Extended Laugh for no Reason/Free Laughter. Appreciation laughter yoga exercises and Ho, ho, ha, ha dance improv with Robert Rivest CLYT.

Laugh along with Robert & his Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainees! (15 Min) Favorite Color Laughter Yoga Exercise, The Laughter Yoga Ball of Energy, Laughter Yoga Canoe/Waterfall, Group Rowing Laughter Yoga, Laughter Yoga Meditation (Free Laughter).

20 Min Laughter Yoga Whole Health Workout. Playful yet relaxing Laughter Yoga Follow Along with Robert Rivest. A to Z Laughter Yoga Exercises, Laughter Yoga Breathing, Guided Relaxation, Mindful Loving Kindness and supportive message.

20 Min full body Laughter Yoga Workout. A fun energetic Laughter Yoga Workout from the ever playful Laughter Yoga Teacher, Robert Rivest. Get up and Move, Laugh, Sing and Play!

20 min. Laughter Yoga Exercise Routine compilation Includes: Laughter Yoga Breathing Exercises, Warm-ups (call and response), Light Laughter Yoga Stretches, a mix of Robert's Laughter Yoga exercises and Dr. Kataria's Foundation exercises, ending with a mini guided relaxation.

20 Min Laugh along with Robert Rivest, CLYT. This Complete Laughter Yoga Workout is like a solo laughter club! Includes Humming, Breathing warm-up, Laugh Echo, Ho,Ha,He warm-up, Greeting, See-Saw, Super Hero, Robot, Puppet Laughter Yoga exercises, Wish for peace, Relaxation

Laugh Along with Robert Around the World!
Elementary school students recently asked "Robert, we know your Laughter Yoga videos are popular around the world but how do people in other countries understand them if they do not speak English?"
Inspired by their question I made a couple of wordless Laughter Yoga videos to help spread laughter and
Joy around the world. :)

A Wordless Laughter Yoga Follow Along video for all countries. (20 Min) Laughter is universal! One world, one laugh. Laughing without words is a very powerful, peaceful practice.

Wordless Laughter Yoga Follow Along for all countries (2). This one feels even more peaceful than the first. Let me know what you think and please share them with your friends in other countries!

For more Laughter Yoga videos
Please see Robert's new page: Educational Laughter Yoga Videos

Breathing Exercises are another Great way to deepen your Laughter Yoga practice!

Here is a series of 6 breathing exercises I do before
I do my Laughter Yoga practice (or anytime I am stressed). This video has Breathing Exercises, quotes, music, recommended reading and detailed breathing instructions.

5 Simple Meditations "Breathing into Every Cell", "Cool in, Warm out", "So-Hum", "Breathing for Others", "Loving-Kindness" Practice with Robert Rivest

Laughing alone is good medicine! Laughing with a group is even better!

For more information on how Robert's Laughter Yoga Wellness Programs can help your group, business, or organization relieve stress, have more energy, and achieve greater happiness and wellness -
Contact Robert Rivest 413-747-5004

Recent & Upcoming Laughter Training/Seminars with Robert Rivest

June 17, 2014 Laughter Yoga & Stress Relief, Yale University, New Haven, CT
September 5-7, Mindful Living Retreat Mount Kõya, Japan
September 9, Peace, Laughter & Joy seminar, Kyoto, Japan
September 13-14, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Tokyo, Japan
September 15, Laughter, Expression/Mime & Tai-Chi seminar Tokyo, Japan
October 4-5, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training, East Longmeadow, MA
November 6, Lead Laguna Laughter Club, Laguna Beach, California
December 13, Co-lead Contemplative Play half-day retreat w/ Rebecca Foster, Johnston, RI
Dec 29 Co-lead Yoga, Tai-Chi, & Laughter Yoga w/ Lynne Miller to welcome new year Enfield, CT
January 14, 2015 Learn, Laugh & Let Go program 6PM, E. Longmeadow, MA Library
February 4, Peace, Laughter & Joy - University of New Hampshire, Durham
February 5, Student & Staff Laugh Stress Relief - Amherst College. Amherst, MA
March 14-15 Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training, East Longmeadow, MA
March 24 “Comedy on The Move” 6:30 pm Whittemore Memorial Library, Naugatuck, CT
April 7-9, Laughter & Stress Relief Seminar University of North Carolina,
May 2 Laughter, Expression, Tai-Chi and Joy! Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
May 3, World Laughter Day with Robert Rivest (Morning) Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
May 3, Afternoon Half Day Seminar ~ Love, Laughter and Mindfulness Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
May 6~8 Mindfulness and Spirituality in Laughter Yoga: Let the Joy deep with-in you blossom. 3 Day Retreat Hikone, Shiga, Japan
May 9~10 Two Day Mindful Retreat: Robert Rivest’s method of mindful living: We can grow, change and move forward with peace and love. Hikone, Shiga, Japan
May 13, One-day Super Seminar! Bring more energy and expressiveness to your life and laughter yoga practice! Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
May 14 Laughter & Silence One-day seminar ~ Peaceful Meditation, Healing Laughter & Soulful Silence, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
May 16-17 Mindfulness, Laughter Yoga, and “The Next Level” Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
Summer TBA Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training, Burlington, WI
November Robert Rivest Chile Tour TBA

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