"Whatever the event Robert Rivest
moves, delights, and captivates all!"


Healthy Choices for All Ages!

Robert Rivest's humorous insights connect deeply with children, teens, and adults, moving them to make mindful choices about food, exercise, safety, and entertainment. He can also highlight character: how we treat ourselves and each other.

K-8 Healthy Choices

Robert Rivest's Healthy Choices show for schools is a high-energy comedy program in which health and humor go hand in hand. Full of audience participation pieces and 2 segments were the entire audience is up, on their feet, actively participating!

Literacy Alive!

Robert Rivest comically illustrates the joys of reading everyday. Robert inspires even the most reluctant readers with his insightful, well crafted presentation of aspects of literature we often take for granted.

K-8 Reading/Literacy Celebration!

Robert Rivest inspires even the most reluctant readers with his festive celebration of reading! His humorous mime stories of books, reading, and literacy offer crystal clear examples of: Plot • Character • Setting • Problem • Solution • Beginning • Middle • End • Comedy • Drama - With abundant audience participation!

Science in Motion

Comic mime, Robert Rivest helps students bring science concepts to life. Each program has it's own unique blend of age appropriate material, comedy and audience participation!

Stress Management

Great for before a test, homework or a major project. Also very effective for relieving stress after a tense day or experience. Part of Robert Rivest's Stress Management and Healthy Choices Programs

Laughter Yoga in Schools/Libraries

Robert Rivest's Laughter Yoga for Wellness Assemblies include laughter exercises, playful games, humorous songs, and centering breathing Techniques. A great way to exercise and relieve stress! (Can be combined with other programs:) Robert Rivest CLYT, CLYL Trainer

Robert Rivest (1 Min) Video Collage

A quick peek at Robert Rivest's diverse offerings . . . He is a humorous, heart-warming speaker, a master mime artist, a talented health, literacy and stress management educator, a gifted laughter yoga teacher and a mindful meditation and tai-chi coach. Since 1983 Robert has given over 5,000 presentations! "Audiences treated to this rising star will fall under the spell of his special enchantment for a lifetime." -Stephen Herman Robert Rivest Productions