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Learn Online with Robert Rivest! Stress Relief, Mindful Living, Mime & Laughter Yoga Online Coaching


 Robert Rivest is currently offering Stress Relief Sessions online!

Robert has helped thousands of people around the world relieve stress and many are turning to him now for COVID-19, Pandemic 2020, & Quarantine Stress Relief.


Robert Rivest offers Live Online Sessions and Webinars in:

1) Online Stress Relief Sessions: 

Robert Rivest offers Online Stress Relief for individuals, groups, companies and organizations. The world is changing rapidly, so is every aspect of our lives. In these sessions you will receive instruction, motivation and inspiration for bringing more peace and calm into your life. We will do a wide variety of stress relief techniques together. Robert will choose the stress relief tips, tools and techniques that are a perfect match for you.

If you wish, you can also learn the Robert Rivest Method of Mindful Living: Sitting, Standing, Walking and Moving Meditation (Like Tai-Chi & Qigong). Robert Rivest will show you how to regulate your mood and attitude with breathing, moving, smiling and present moment awareness. You will receive assignments and have your questions answered on the spot. Robert Rivest is a very kind, wise, insightful man with with a warm sense of humor. He has a soothing voice and calming presence. Now, is great time to learn from him live online.


2) Online Laughter Yoga & Stress Busting Laughter Release Sessions: 

Want more laughter in your life? Laughter is a great stress reliever! Now you can learn how to do Laughter Yoga from one of the most beloved laughter yoga master trainers in the world. Learn how to deepen your every day laughter practice. Learn to create your own style, be more creative and lead with confidence. Learn how to build your laughter business. We will have some great laughs together. Contact Robert to set up a session.


3) Online Mime, Facial Expression, and Body Language Sessions:

Learn Mime Illusions and Mime Techniques. How to stand, move and express yourself more freely. How to Perform and Present your message, clearly and effectively. Now is the perfect time for you to learn from mime master Robert Rivest.


Now you can have one-on-one and group live video sessions with internationally admired speaker, coach, and master trainer Robert Rivest!


You can learn directly from Robert. He can custom build a personalized session for you,  your students, staff or clients. Robert will share tips, techniques and create individual assignments  that are inline with your goals. Plus, you will be able to have your questions answered on the spot!

Robert Rivest offers 15 minute, 30 minute & 60 minute sessions online.


Reasonable rates and flexible schedule.

 Ask Robert about his online meetings and webinars!

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Email: Robert Rivest Phone: 413-519-2256



Robert Rivest has helped thousands of people around the world laugh, smile, and relieve stress though his free online videos. Donations are gratefully accepted. Click donate botton or contact Robert Rivest to donate. 


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