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What is Mindful Tai-Chi?

What is Mindful Tai-Chi? tai-chi.jpg


Mindful Tai-Chi Classes can help you:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase flexibility and balance
  • Relieve pain and muscle tension
  • Build a stronger immune system
  • Calm your mind and nervous system
  • Develop focus and concentration
  • Promote a healthier, happier outlook



Mindful Tai-Chi Classes begin with a brief meditation that calms the mind and a gentle warm-up that relieves muscle tension in our neck, shoulders and back. We then transition to a series of fun, easy to learn, nature based, tai-chi movements. There are no long forms to remember, just a simple series of movements connecting our breath, body and mind (with the peaceful imagery of nature). We close with a short group discussion of ways we can continue to relieve stress throughout the day. Robert Rivest has a wonderful way of simplifying and sharing key elements of Mindfulness and Tai-Chi with people who have never practiced, tried or even heard of them before.


What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is deliberately paying attention to what is going on in the present moment. It is a non-judgemental "wakefulness" that allows you to be fully aware of what is happening both inside yourself (in your body, and mind) and outside yourself (everything around you.) It is a sate of "calm alertness" that can be improved with practice.


What is Tai-Chi? Tai-Chi: (Pronounced Tie-Chee) Means "The Great Ultimate". It is an ancient chinese soft martial art form that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of both mind and body. Benefits include: reduced pain and stiffness, better balance, improved coordination and flexibility, deeper sleep, and a greater overall sense of awareness, calmness, and well being.

Robert's friendly, animated style makes learning Mindful Tai-Chi fun, easy, and very accessible. People of all ages and backgrounds leave his workshops feeling more centered, relaxed and energized!



"Robert was such a deeply peaceful presence . . . His Tai Chi was original, very easy to follow and very nourishing to do. I was really amazed at all the life that was called out of me and the whole group that day." Mark D. Mariner, JD, MA The Mariner Center For Human Development

"I have never seen my husband and fellow teachers so relaxed!" Teacher's comment, Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts

"The mindful exercises my class learned are things they absolutely love. We have incorporated Robert's warm-up into our morning session and I am seeing positive differences in individual moods and attitudes." Helen Morandi, Teacher, Bennington School

"Rivest's mindfulness in motion workshops have been a valuable tool in helping cardiac patients recover from heart attacks, open heart and by-pass surgery. Individuals who did not respond well to other aspects of rehab. Found the natural movements and expressiveness to be most beneficial." Dr. Reed Shnider, former Director of Preventative Cardiology and Wellness, Baystate Medical Center

"Robert's spirited blend of movement and mindfulness is a joy to experience. He conveys his material in a playful, loving manner that invites everyone into the practice with ease. This creative work allows us to be transported to a place of mystery and magic with Robert's skillful guidance. Sheila deMagalhaes, owner/director Heartsong Yoga

Robert Rivest's Mindful Tai-Chi programs are perfect for:
Businesses • Organizations • Senior Centers Retirement Communities 
Hospitals Yoga & Wellness Centers • Fitness Studios
Youth/Family Services • Schools • Colleges
Mindful Meditation for Beginners                     Mindful Tai-Chi Follow Along   

If you would like to bring Robert Rivest's stress relieving wellness program to your group, business, or organization contact him at:

Email Robert Rivest Phone 413-747-5004


Upcoming Mindfulness & Laughter Training/Seminars/Events with Robert Rivest 

Opportunities to train with 

Robert Rivest

Certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Mindful Tai-Chi Dancer & Master Mime Artist:


January 1, 2018 

"Mindful Stress Relief to Refresh & Renew Body, Mind & Soul"

2pm Sohum Yoga & Meditation Studio,

Westborough, MA  


January 20-21, 2018

2 Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher,

12:30PM-7:30PM Heartsong Yoga Center,

East Longmeadow, MA 


January 27-28, 2018

2 Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher,

9am-5pm TBA

Yorktown Heights, NY


March 21-25, 2018


Springfield, MA


April 21-22, 2018

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher, 

12 Noon-7:00pm Saturday, 11-6 Sunday

Heartsong Yoga Center 

East Longmeadow, MA 

Fee: $295


May 5, 2018

Laughter, Love & Mindfulness

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


May 12, 2018

Laughter Yoga, Dance & Mime

Carol Rivest Memorial Event

Monson, MA 


May 26, 2018

 Nature-Inspired Laughter, Movement & Expression

10am-12pm (The Mariandale Center, 299 N. Highland Avenue,)

Ossining, NY


June 2, 2018 

East Coast Laughter Yoga Conference

 A Day of Learning and Exchange 

Philadelphia (Area), PA


June 9-10, 2018

2 Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher,

East Longmeadow, MA 


August, 18-22, 2018


9AM-5PM with optional eve events Private Home

Monson, MA

Fee: $795


September 20-30, 2018 

"Robert Rivest in Japan" 

Robert Rivest Original Retreat in Hamamatsu

Date: Sep 22-24, 2018

Place: Houkou-ji Temple

1577 Okuyama Inasa-cho Kita-ku Hamamatsu-city Shizuoka-Pref. 


One day seminar in Nagoya

Date: Sep 27, 2018

Place: Winc Aichi 5F Hall 2

4-38 4-chome Meieki Nakamura-ku Naogya Aichi-Pref.


One day seminar in Nagoya

Date: Sep 27, 2018

Place: Winc Aichi 5F Hall 2

4-38 4-chome Meieki Nakamura-ku Naogya Aichi-Pref.



Would you like a Robert Rivest training or event in your town?




September 14-27 Robert Rivest Japan Tour!

17-19 September 2016: Kyoto 3 Day Robert Rivest Method Retreat

22 September 2016: Kyoto Robert Rivest 1 Day Seminar

23 September 2016: Nagoya Robert Rivest 1 Day Seminar


Spring 2017 Europe Tour (Germany, England, Italy, France . . .)


Contact ROBERT RIVEST for More information



Past Events:

Mindful Living Retreat Mount Kõya, Japan

Peace, Laughter & Joy seminar, Kyoto, Japan

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Tokyo, Japan 

Laughter, Expression/Mime & Tai-Chi seminar Tokyo, Japan

Led Laguna Laughter Club, Laguna Beach, California

Co-led Contemplative Play half-day retreat w/ Rebecca Foster, Johnston, RI 

Co-lead Yoga, Tai-Chi, & Laughter Yoga w/ Lynne Miller to welcome new year Enfield, CT

Peace, Laughter & Joy - University of New Hampshire, Durham

Student & Staff Laugh Stress Relief - Amherst College. Amherst, MA

Laughter & Stress Relief Seminar University of North Carolina,

Peace, Laughter, & Joy Workshop Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Laughter Yoga & Stress Relief, Yale University, New Haven, CT

New Britain Museum of American Art, CT. Laughter Yoga for All Ages

Laughter Yoga for Geriatrics with Dementia, Hamden, CT

Mindful Tai-chi & Laughter Yoga for Seniors, Ludlow, MA

15 Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings @ Heartsong, East Longmeadow, MA

20-30 Staff Stress Relief Programs per year

40-60 Themed Library Programs per year for children, families and adults

120-180 Literacy, Health, Stress Relif and Comic Mime school assemblies per year


Spreading health, happiness, peace, laughter & Joy :)



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