"Whatever the event Robert Rivest
moves, delights, and captivates all!"

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Online Laughter Yoga with Robert Rivest

Robert Rivest is one of the most popular Laughter Yoga Master Trainers in the world. Over the past 10 years he has brought laughter and joy into the lives of thousands people around the globe. Now, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, his online laughter programs are more popular than ever!

Robert Rivest’s Online Laughter Yoga

Webinars, Laughter Breaks, and Live Zoom offerings include:

Online Laughter Yoga for Corporate Wellness   
Online Laughter Yoga for Staff Stress Relief
Online Laughter Yoga as Social Distancing "Stress Buster"
Live Zoom Online Laughter Yoga for Home School "Laughter Breaks”
Live Zoom Online Laughter Yoga for First Responders
Live Zoom Online Laughter Yoga for Wellness "Quarantine Stress Relief"
Laughter Yoga Online Education for Laughter Yoga Pros
Laughter Yoga Online Coaching: One-On-One and Small Groups
"Pure Laughter" Live Zoom Online International Laughter Yoga Sessions

Laughter Yoga Leader Training Certification Online! 

2021 Online

Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings:

November 6-7, 2021 



Robert Rivest’s Saturday Series of Zoom Classes


1. “Robert’s Warm-up” classes are the 1st Saturday of each Month. Robert has created a warm-up to help prepare the body and mind for a class or presentation. You will learn the warm-up sequence and inner workings of each exercise as well as how to adapt it for a wide variety of settings, situations and circumstances. It is a beautiful mind-body practice.

2. Mime & Laughter Yoga" classess are the 2nd Saturday of each Month. One of the reasons Robert Rivest has become such a popular master trainer around the world, is his mime artistry. Here is your opportunity to learn mime illusions, facial expression, body awareness, comic timing and wordless acting for laughter yoga. A fun way to enhance your practice, teaching and presentation.

3. “Joy Workshop" is the 3rd Saturday of each Month. Learn how to bring more joy into your life. This workshop is a wonderful combination of mindfulness, laughter, qigong, mime, dance and improv. We seamlessly flow from one "joy experience" to another. The essence of Robert Rivest's Method of Joyful Living.

4. ”Qigong & Laughter Yoga" classes are the 4th Saturday of each Month. Many of the flowing movements and deep breathing exercises that you see in Robert’s videos have been adapted from Qigong & Tai Chi. Here is your chance to learn how to include them in your daily practice and teaching.

Robert Rivest’s Saturday Series Details

Time: 2pm ET USA/Canada

Length: One Hour

Fee:$20 USD per person, per class. 

Register & Pay: Email Robert: rivestnow@gmail.com

All workshops have a Question & Answer session at the end. Robert feels some of his most valuable teaching, happens in the Q&A segment.


Two Day Zoom Laughter Yoga Leader Training Online! 

Dates: October 3-4, 2020  Times: 9am-5pm ET USA

Fee: $300 

Email Robert to Register & Pay Online rivestnow@gmail.com


Now, is a great time to add more laughter into your life. Laughter is a great stress reliever! With Roberts help, you can learn how to use Laughter Yoga to boost your mood, anytime. Robert offers short laughter breaks, fun laughter webinars and full, live, online zoom laughter sessions for individuals, groups, and organizations. 

Laughter Yoga Coaching for Laughter Pros and Laughter Practicioners: Robert can teach you how to deepen your every day laughter practice, create your own style, be more creative, and lead with confidence and joy.  Contact Robert to set up a session

We can combine Robert Rivest’s Live Zoom Online Laughter Yoga Sessions with his one of his other offerings: Mime, Mindfulness, Stress Relief, Qigong and The Robert Rivest Method of Mindful Living “Wake-Up” Series.
Let’s start a conversation. How would you like Robert to bring more laughter into your life?

• Email: Robert Rivest  • Phone: 413-519-2256 •