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Teen Programs

Teen Programs

Robert Rivest Performances and Workshops for Teens:

Actions Speak Louder Than Words:
Master mime artist and comic actor, Robert Rivest explores communication, facial expression and body language with a series of humorous yet powerful pieces. Teens love his true to life characters, awesome illusionary skills and his down-to-earth personality.

Healthy life Choices
A comic approach to making healthy choices around food, exercise, entertainment, and safety. Robert Rivest's humorous insights connect deeply with teens moving them to make mindful life choices toward health and happiness. He also gets everyone up and moving in an exuberant "Exercise Collage" and a calming series of stress relieving movements.

If requested, Robert Rivest can highlight other aspects of a healthy, happy life: choosing friends wisely, resisting peer pressure, being respectful and accountable, or resisting temptations of high risk impulsive behavior. Robert uses the Greek Myth of Icarus as one example of being drawn toward something that appears to be fun but is extremely dangerous.

Mime Workshop for Performing Artists: Music, Dance and Drama students love this workshop! Robert Rivest challenges teen artists to expand their artistic vision and explore performance from a new angle. Mime theater is excellent for improving kinesthetic awareness, confidence, timing, punctuation, musicality and economy. Robert Rivest helps performers of all genres increase movement vocabulary, emotional range, and become more aware of their habit patterns. He covers comic and dramatic mime theater technique, composition, and improvisation. This workshop can also include Individual and group assignments plus Robert's famous"clarity trouble shooting" to help performers get unstuck.

Robert Rivest shared comic mime, mindful tai-chi and laughter yoga with students from 22 high schools. Here is a clip of them all doing the Laughter Yoga exercise called "Free Laughter".

"This guy rocked!"
"It was way cooler than I thought it would be,
and I learned a lot about communication and body language."
" What a funny, entertaining, wonderful, surprising presentation."

H.S. Students' comments, Project Search

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