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Robert Rivest Seminars & Workshops

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Breathe, Move, Laugh & Play Your Blues Away! Robert Rivest shares his unique health and well-being practice blending mindful breathing, playful tai-chi, expressive movement, and laughter yoga. In this seminar powerful breathing techniques and mindful meditations flow gently into a full body warm-up, then gracefully into light flowing tai-chi forms and expressive movement. The freeing, expansive movements glide right into a playful session of laughter exercises and improv games. The seminar closes with a calming, guided relaxation and a world peace / loving kindness meditation. A joyful journey that leaves participants energized and uplifted, yet very relaxed and peaceful.


Breathing for Life Robert Rivest has been exploring breathing exercises for over 20 years. First as a performing artist, then as a meditation, yoga, tai-chi, qigong and laughter yoga teacher and practitioner. In this seminar we will explore a variety of breathing techniques that help increase energy and vitality, yet allow you to feel calm and peaceful. Participants will learn a short series of breathing exercises that can be practiced every morning. Students will also receive numerous tips and insights on how to use breathing techniques to regulate mood, energy and release tension. The importance and value of this seminar cannot be overstated. Breathing deeply, fully and with ease helps us in all areas of our lives.


Physical Expression, Creativity, and Play Whether you are a performer, artist, speaker, teacher or business professional it is important to express yourself clearly and confidently! Master Mime artist Robert Rivest takes participants through a movement articulation series that increases flexibility, range of motion and expressive dynamics. Robert offers his students a safe environment and the freedom to experience, explore and express their innermost creativity and playfulness. With Robert’s gentle guidance, students learn how to use every part of their body as an efficient instrument of expression.


Mindful Tai-Chi Robert Rivest has created a unique, mindfulness based, Tai-Chi practice that is accessible to all ages and sensibilities. Robert’s Mindful Tai-Chi practice combines soft flowing tai-chi movements, imagery from nature, and mindful breathing techniques. Participants learn a set of easy to follow, 1 minute, 3 minute and 5 minute tai-chi forms that simply melt tension away. Robert's Mindful Tai-Chi practice is a fun, easy way to relieve stress and improve overall health.


Mindful Living Practices Mindfulness teacher and practitioner, Robert Rivest has a calming presence and a kind gentle voice. In this seminar Robert brings the profound well-being benefits of mindfulness meditation into everyday life. Participants will learn meditation practices that help build concentration and mind body awareness. Robert shares a peaceful series of mindful sitting, standing, walking and moving meditations from around the world. In longer workshops he also explores mindful talking, listening, and eating. Participants learn how to find peace and joy daily, by mindfully working through discomfort. A fun, yet practical approach to mindfulness.

Training lengths: 1, 3, 5, or 8 hours. 1 to 5 day intensives available.

In the shorter seminar and workshop versions you experience the material and instant benefits. In the longer versions you receive Robert Rivest’s teachings on a much deeper level and can easily make them a healthy part of your life. Contact ROBERT RIVEST for More information

Robert's Inspirational Seminars
Mindful Meditation for Beginners    Mindful Tai-Chi Follow Along   
Mindful Tai-Chi              &nbsp &nbsp Mindful Retreat    


Opportunities to train with 

Robert Rivest

Certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer:


January 1, 2018 

"Mindful Stress Relief to Refresh & Renew Body, Mind & Soul"

2pm Sohum Yoga & Meditation Studio,

Westborough, MA  


January 20-21, 2018

2 Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher,

12:30PM-7:30PM Heartsong Yoga Center,

East Longmeadow, MA 


January 27-28, 2018

2 Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher,

9am-5pm TBA

Yorktown Heights, NY


March 21-25, 2018


Springfield, MA


April 21-22, 2018

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher, 

12 Noon-7:00pm Saturday, 11-6 Sunday

Heartsong Yoga Center 

East Longmeadow, MA 

Fee: $295


May 5, 2018

Laughter, Love & Mindfulness

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


May 12, 2018

Laughter Yoga, Dance & Mime

Carol Rivest Memorial Event

Monson, MA 


May 26, 2018

 Nature-Inspired Laughter, Movement & Expression

10am-12pm (The Mariandale Center, 299 N. Highland Avenue,)

Ossining, NY


June 2, 2018 

East Coast Laughter Yoga Conference

 A Day of Learning and Exchange 

Philadelphia (Area), PA


June 9-10, 2018

2 Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training & Refresher,

East Longmeadow, MA 


August, 18-22, 2018


9AM-5PM with optional eve events Private Home

Monson, MA

Fee: $795


September 20-30, 2018 

"Robert Rivest in Japan" 

Robert Rivest Original Retreat in Hamamatsu

Date: Sep 22-24, 2018

Place: Houkou-ji Temple

1577 Okuyama Inasa-cho Kita-ku Hamamatsu-city Shizuoka-Pref. 


One day seminar in Nagoya

Date: Sep 27, 2018

Place: Winc Aichi 5F Hall 2

4-38 4-chome Meieki Nakamura-ku Naogya Aichi-Pref.


One day seminar in Nagoya

Date: Sep 27, 2018

Place: Winc Aichi 5F Hall 2

4-38 4-chome Meieki Nakamura-ku Naogya Aichi-Pref.


Would you like a Robert Rivest training or event in your town?


Past Events:

Mindful Living Retreat Mount Kõya, Japan

Peace, Laughter & Joy seminar, Kyoto, Japan

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Tokyo, Japan 

Laughter, Expression/Mime & Tai-Chi seminar Tokyo, Japan

Led Laguna Laughter Club, Laguna Beach, California

Co-led Contemplative Play half-day retreat w/ Rebecca Foster, Johnston, RI 

Co-lead Yoga, Tai-Chi, & Laughter Yoga w/ Lynne Miller to welcome new year Enfield, CT

Peace, Laughter & Joy - University of New Hampshire, Durham

Student & Staff Laugh Stress Relief - Amherst College. Amherst, MA

Laughter & Stress Relief Seminar University of North Carolina,

Peace, Laughter, & Joy Workshop Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Laughter Yoga & Stress Relief, Yale University, New Haven, CT

New Britain Museum of American Art, CT. Laughter Yoga for All Ages

Laughter Yoga for Geriatrics with Dementia, Hamden, CT

Mindful Tai-chi & Laughter Yoga for Seniors, Ludlow, MA

15 Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings @ Heartsong, East Longmeadow, MA 

20-30 Staff Stress Relief Programs per year

40-60 Themed Library Programs per year for children, families and adults

50-75 Laughter Club sessions/ laughter yoga events per year

100-120 Literacy, Health, Stress Relif and Comic Mime school assemblies per year


Robert has many ways of spreading health, happiness, peace, laughter & Joy :)


Contact ROBERT RIVEST for More information