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Opening to the positive

3/10/2020 | Robert Rivest

One of my friends asked me, “How can we keep turning toward the positive when there seems to be so much negativity and anger in the world?” After meditating on it a while, I would say. Slowly start turning away from the negative and start opening to the positive. There is still a lot of moment to moment positivity in the world. We just have to look for it and see it. It may be as simple as noticing sunshine in all it’s forms. Being aware of, and allowing yourself to really enjoy, when people smile, laugh, sing, dance, play, share, communicate, express. Celebrate every little thing you love about life. What do you love about being alive? Rejoice in it. A little game I play is to notice 5 things that I like about a person or place when I first encounter them. The more I look for the positive, the more I see it everywhere. 

Even in a difficult situation, you can ask yourself:  What am I learning from this? Where is the opportunity to grow? How can this help me be a better person? What is the take away? How can I reframe this? How can I use this to help others? Can I see this in a new way? Can I bring a sense of humor, lightness and awareness to this situation?

Starting each day with a smile, a laugh, and a positive practice can help set you on the right path for the day. Even if it is just five minutes to meditate, recite a mantra, write in a gratitude journal, set an intention for the day or do some mindful moves. Practice the positivity you want to see in the world. 

My ‘turning toward the positive’ practice begins with finding time and space, that have little or no distractions. It can be a moment here and there, several times a day. Or a full 20-60 minute meditation. You can also do this as a walking meditation. First, I relax my body head to toe. I allow my muscles to soften, lengthen, release, let go. I feel my energy sink down. Lower down. I feel more rooted, grounded and connected to the earth. I feel present. I focus on my in-breath and out-breath. Here, now, in the present moment. When my mind wonders, I keep returning to being aware of my natural breathing, in the present moment. I visualize energy from the sky and earth mixing with unconditional love flowing in from all directions. I see it and feel it, healing all aspects of my mind and body. Allowing all systems of my mind and body to function optimally. I sit and smile, feeling a sense of peace and calm. I imagine millions of people doing the same thing, all around the world. Then, I visualize how I will take this peace and clam with me. I imagine feeing this peace and calm as I go through my day/week. I allow this peace and calm to inform how I work, live and play. When difficulties arise, I remember this peace and calm. I feel the support of millions of people practicing around the world.

This practice helps me let things roll of my back easier. The negative hurts less. The uncomfortable stings less. Things feel less harsh. I feel like it is easier to act and react with kindness, compassion, awareness, love, and understanding. I can see the positive in people, places and life a little easier. 

What positive practices help you? The thing is, to actually do them. Practice your positive practices. As often as you can. Whenever you can. This is your life. How do you want to live it? I want to enjoy my life. That is why I say. Slowly start turning away from the negative and start opening to the positive.

Hope this helps. Thinking of you all.

- Robert Rivest



For those not on social media, you may enjoy this recent post about a similar topic:

Just a reminder to do the things that you know help keep your mind and body healthy. Worry and fear are usually not among them. You can use a little bit of worry and fear energy to motivate you to get things done, that will help keep you healthy, but beyond that, excessive worry and fear can bring you down.

My advice is to only watch, read or listen to the news minimally. Once you get the information you need there’s no need to hear it over and over. Mindfulness practices have helped me realize that the choices I make, moment to moment, can help me feel better or worse. Do an experiment. Notice how you feel ( in your mind and body) when you are watching or listening to certain types of programs. What are you feeling when you hear a fearful message over and over? How do you feel when you watch a comedy or something uplifting? How do you feel when you repeat a negative story over and over? How do you feel when you laugh, joke or listen to a humorous story?

I want to enjoy my life. I want to enjoy living. I want to enjoy this in-breath and this out-breath. I want to smile, sing, dance, laugh and play the hours away.

Everything is interconnected. What we eat, read, listen to, how much sleep we get, the quality of our sleep, how much we exercise and practice, how much screen time or outside in nature “really living” time we have, whether are drinking enough water or not. . . All contribute to our level of happiness and joy. There is a lot going on in the world. It is easy to be afraid. But I believe the little tiny choices that we make minute to minute, can help us live happier more joyful lives. There are situations that we seem to have no control over. But there are thousands of moments that we do have a choice in.

My practice is to make choices that will help me cultivate and share peace, love, laughter and joy, with as many humans as I can. I’m happy you’re one of them. Sending abundant love and healing light to you now.

Robert Rivest




 In my super moon meditation tonight, I opened to energy from the universe, energy from the earth, and light and love from all around. I felt a deep and profound peace. A healing peace. A deep in the bones, essential peace. May everyone who sees this moon feel peace. May everyone who has ever seen the moon, at any time, in any place, feel peace. May this peace release fear and worry. May this peace dissolve delusion and the walls between us. May this peace, ease our path as we move forward.

Peace be with you.

Robert Rivest

Wishing you happiness and joy,



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