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The Long Game

8/2/2022 | Robert Rivest

I had an interesting dream recently. A family friend, who past away a few years ago, came to me in the dream and reminded me to “play the long game.” It was timely advice for me. I am navigating some exciting career paths as well as some challenging concerns in my personal life. 

Playing the long game means not sacrificing long-term gains for short-term wins. Even if it causes discomfort in the present moment. The unease, the time, the energy and effort you put in now, will help you down the line. 

I think to myself, “I am doing this for my future self. He is really going to enjoy this.” He, she, they, them, the world. I often, thank my former self for putting in the work that has allowed me to enjoy a certain achievement, experience, event or moment of happiness and joy.

In the game of chess, instead of impulsively reacting to what just happened, you think several moves ahead. Same here.

My dream reminded me to take the necessary steps, now, to set myself up for long-term success in my career, family life, in times of change, growth, loss, transitions. Truly grateful for my friend, coming through in that way.

Have you ever received words of wisdom or been ‘visited’ by a friend or family member in a dream? What do you make of it? Does playing the long game resinate with you right now? How so? If you were to share an important message with yourself, what would it be? What do you need to hear right now?

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Need a little Stress Relief and Laughter before you Envision your Long Game?

Here you go! 

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