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Stress Relief: Now and in the Future

4/20/2020 |


There are things that we can do now, to help us relieve stress.

There are things that we can do daily, to help our "future selves" feel less stressed. 

Let’s start with a few things we can do now. 


1. Notice Your Body: Do a body scan from head to toe. Notice sensations come and go.

2. Relax, Release, Let Go: Visualize your muscles softening, lengthening, setting down.

3. Connect with the Earth: Imagine you are rooted, grounded, connected to the Earth. 



1. Notice Your Breathing: Simply follow your in and out breath a few breath cycles.

2. Label “In-Out” Breath: Silently say “In” as you feel In-Breath. “Out” feeling Out-Breath

3. Count Each Out-Breath. In-Breath (rest). Out-Breath Count. 1-5. Start again at 1.



1. Mountain, Wind, Sky: Visualize Body as Mountain, Breath as Wind, Mind as Sky.

2. Notice Your Mind: Notice your thoughts the way you did Body and Breathing awareness.

3. Watch, Label, Return: As thoughts arise, label them, “Thinking” then return to your breathing in/out.


Here a few things we can do daily, to help our "future self" feel less stressed.


  1. Eat Healthier.
  2. Drink enough water.
  3. Exercise. Have some fun.
  4. Sleep the right about for you.
  5. Get Outside. Nature is healing.
  6. Turn off the news. Turn on your life.
  7. Connect with friends and laugh, laugh, laugh.
  8. Notice what you are grateful for and what you can reframe.
  9. Love yourself as you are and Forgive yourself as you are, here, now.
  10. Find the joy, in every moment of your life, that you can. Celebrate you. 


I know right now, many of us are so overwhelmed that we don't feel like doing anything but numb out. I know it's hard but,  I feel if we can motivate ourselves to do a few positive things a day, it will help us handle stress in the future. Everything is interconnected. What we eat, read, listen to. How much sleep we get, the quality of our sleep, how much we exercise and practice our mind-body health practices. How much screen time or outside in nature “really living” time we have. Whether are drinking enough water or not. How much time and space we give ourselves to “Just Be.” All contribute to our level of happiness and joy. All affect how we handle stress. And the intensity we feel our stress. 

There is a lot going on in the world. It is easy to be afraid and overwhelmed. But, I believe, little, tiny choices that we make, minute to minute, can help us live happier more joyful lives.There are situations that we seem to have no control over. But there are thousands of moments in our lives that we do have a choice in.

My life’s mission is to make choices that will help me cultivate peace, love, laughter and joy, and share it with as many humans as I can around the world. I’m happy you’re one of them. Thanks for reading my blog. Sending abundant love, light and healing energy to you now.

-Robert Rivest


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