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Space: Quarantine Stress Relief with Robert Rivest

4/2/2020 |

Hi dear friends, I haven’t written in a while. When this recent crisis hit around the world, I really felt the need to help people. I made over 20 videos hoping to help people through this. Some are comic bits, others are on mindfulness, meditation, stress relief, laughter yoga, and home office /Homeschool exercise motivation. I have also led and dropped in on several zoom meetings around the world. The writer in me however, has been a little numb. Is it the Mime in me? Is it Zen? I have no words for what is going on. The survivor in my body and mind must be creating space. Space to live. Space to recover. Space to except change. Space to adapt. Space to grow. Space to, just be. 
My heart is silent. My soul is silent. But please know I am with you heart and soul. In my daily meditations. I am sending love, light, and healing energy to you and our dear friends around the world. Today, in this moment, here, now, I am sending you space. Space to be free. Space to breathe. Space to relax. Space to love yourself. Space to forgive yourself. Space to be kind to yourself. Space to appreciate yourself. 
When I meditate on space. I feel space in my body. I feel space in my heart. I feel space in my bones. I feel space in my cells. I feel space in between each cell. I am breathing space. I am space, breathing. It is a beautiful feeling to be one with space. You can silently say to yourself the mantra or mindful verse: "Breathing in I see myself as space. Breathing out I feel free." Or simply silently say: “Space” on the in-breath. “Free” on the out-breath.
Or you can breathe naturally and recite my little space poem: 
"I create space in my life.
Space in my heart.
Scace in my body.
Space in my mind.
Space to be free.
Space to breathe.
Space to love myself.
Space to forgive myself.
Space to be kind to myself.
Space to appreciate myself as I am, here, now."
Repeat, as often as needed. Or, ideally, before needed. Reminder: What we say, think, and do, over and over becomes a habit. We can create positve habits. Do you want more space in your life, to enjoy your life? Say it, do it, create it, live it, be it. See what you you want and create a pathway to it. Allow your pathway to be "it."
There are many ways to relieve stress during this difficult time on the planet. If this "space meditation" isn't for you, have no fear. I will be sharing many tips and techniques to help us all, get through this together. My goal is to give you a wide variety of stress relief tools to help you enjoy your life.
Below are some of the videos that I have made for you. The most recent ones are called "Quarantine Stress Relief with Robert Rivest."
Feel free to share.
Yours in light, love and healing energy,
Robert Rivest

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