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Relieve Stress, Laugh More, Enjoy Life

6/8/2016 | Robert Rivest

Hi Everyone!

I have been doing a wide variety of presentations for people of all ages and backgrounds lately. Almost everything I do, whether it is for children, college students, business professionals, or senior citizens, deals with how to release stress, laugh more and enjoy life. This summer I will do 60 Mime, Health, Mindfulness and Laughter Yoga presentations in 7 states from MA to CA and then fly off to Japan to lead a retreat and 2 seminars. Many friends say “Robert I get tired just looking at your schedule, how are you going to do all that?” I say “ Everything that I am do is fun, it is all about sharing happiness and joy. I will simply relax and enjoy the ride.”


Here are a few stress relief tips to help you “Enjoy the Ride” of your life.

Notice where you are holding tension in your body: Release - Relax - Retrain.

Be aware of your breathing. Breathe deeply, slowly and quietly, as often as you can.

Smile: A little smile releases tension in you and everyone around you.

Laugh and enjoy the laughter of others every chance you get.

Notice your inner dialogue: be aware of the things you say to yourself. Let go of judgement, blame and worry. Practice positive, compassionate, affirming self talk.

Notice what is not wrong: train yourself to see the positive. Practice noticing when things are going well. Be aware of everything that you are thankful for.

Visualize tonight and tomorrow with positive outcomes.

Get enough high quality sleep. Dim the lights before bed. Count your breaths. Relax every muscle in your body, toes to head. Let all tension melt away. Imagine that you're in a deep, deep sleep that will last all night and will allow you to wake fully refreshed.

To be more calm yet alert: Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Eat a little less junk and a little more fruits and vegetables. With every meal or snack, have a protein.

Several times a day get your blood flowing with arm swings, twists, bends, or any fun movements. Enjoy moving! You'll get oxygen to every cell in your body and brain!

Practice handling minor discomfort. Train yourself in patience. Notice your discomfort,breathe, relax, and try responding in new way. Either stay meditating on your minor discomfort or respond with compassion, understanding and kindness.

Develop a daily routine that helps you relieve stress in a fun, positive, healthy way.

Realize that happiness is available in the present moment. In this moment.


. . . And a fun video that may help too:

15 minute Laughter Yoga follow along with Robert Rivest.  Laughter Yoga warm-up, Laughter Yoga exercises, Laughter Yoga Breathing. Laughter Yoga Guided relaxation.

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