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Rivest Blog May 2015

Rivest Blog May 2015

May was a month of science, literacy, mime, mirth and meaning!


This Month I had some interesting gigs that were truly heartfelt, rewarding experiences. As well as doing several “Science in Motion” assemblies and “Literacy Alive” Classroom workshops in New England schools, I got to present:

“Learn, Laugh & Let Go” at a Recovery Conference for The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in Waterbury, CT.

“Comic Mime & Laughter Yoga” at an outpatient neurorehabilitation program which provides day- treatment services for individuals who have received a traumatic brain injury in Lewiston, Maine

“Mindful Stress Relief & Laughter Yoga” workshop for bereaved adults and staff working through difficult emotions and the loss of a loved one at Friends of Hospice in Litchfield, Ct

Mindful Tai-Chi & Laughter Yoga for Seniors, Ludlow, MA. I do a presentation here once a month and love laughing and moving chi with this group!

“Laughter Yoga” At a Domestic Abuse Awareness event in Monson, MA. My sister Sheila organized it in honor of our beloved sister Carol Diane Rivest (12/7/59-5/11/82) We raised $7000 for local women’s shelters in MA and educational programs where Carol lived in Enfield, CT.


Kindness heals.
When waves of kindness reach my shore, they flow through me like a soft internal breeze. Kindness is a loving energy, a transmission, a gift. Kindness is a vibration sent, received and felt, around the world. Kindness is given unconditionally. It is an offering from soul to soul. Kindness is a gentle compassionate look, a welcoming smile, a warm gesture, a quiet listening, a feeling of really being present with one another. Thank you to all the kind loving souls of this planet and beyond. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Message received, with open arms.


Remember the fallen
Celebrate their lives
Honor them by living life to the fullest

See them, hear them, feel them
In your mind, heart and bones
Keep them alive in your stories

Live a life of meaning
Mindfully, thankfully, gratefully
Live, give, serve


Peace is already in us. We just have to take the time to touch it. We can start with this in-breath and this out-breath.


Be light, take flight, dream, soar.
You are beautiful and you bring tremendous joy to this world.

You are full of potential.
You are about to burst forth in a new direction.
Life is unfolding.
Layers of love and experience are unfolding.
This new breath, this new moment,
this new path is wide open to you.
Please be there for it.


We all have many faces in this life.
The most beautiful are when we drop the mask and reveal what is in our soul.

Press your reset button. Refresh the screen in your mind. Empty the filter in your heart. When you see your situation with “new” eyes you awaken to a million little the miracles. You are alive in this moment. Love is alive in this moment. Can you see it? Can you feel it?
L o v e.

Fun Moment:
I was on my way to a gig the other day and my car’s GPS kept saying “LOST SATELLITE” and I was like “Dude, isn’t it your job to know where the satellite is?” and my GPS said “Very funny. OK, take a left on Wise Alec Street, and a sharp right onto Mr. Smarty Pants Lane.” I said “Hey, whoa, slow down sister is everything alright” And she (my GPS) said “ Sorry I snapped at you. I am feeling a little down, when I was a little GPS all the other students at Global Positioning System school picked on me for poorly pronouncing street names, now my teenage son’s laugh at me for getting my lefts and rights mixed up and next month my mother is moving in with us!!!” I joked and said, “If it’s not one thing it’s your mother haha” We both laughed until we cried. After she poured her GPS heart out to me I said “Your 50 minute hour is up.” She smiled sweetly, gave me her Co-Pay and left (going in the wrong direction).

The moral of the story is . . . be kind to your appliances. You just never know what they are going through. Oh and I guess that goes for people too. :)

Grateful Moment:
Lately, I have been receiving positive comments from people who appreciate my free laughter/mindfulness videos. I am humbled and honored that people are taking time out of their busy lives to share their appreciative thoughts, feelings and transformative experiences with me. I often have tears of joy in my eyes as I read their emails. At this point in my life, I am grateful to not only have something meaningful (and healing) to share, but a way to share it that can help people around the world. Like many of you, I have been through some very tough times. Experiences that could have destroyed me. Over the past 30 years I have gathered, studied, practiced and refined a number of mind body practices that have helped me live a healthier happier life. Now it is time to share.

Recent Videos:

“40 Foundation Laughter Yoga Exercises 2014-15 version.” Laugh with Robert Rivest & his Laughter Yoga Leader Training students. Robert Rivest is an internationally admired performer and teacher. In addition to being a renowned comic mime artist, he is also an accomplished health, literacy and stress relief educator, a gifted laughter yoga teacher and an engaging public speaker.

“Science in Motion” Robert Rivest’s Science show is a mesmerizing blend of comedy and science that enthralls both children and adults. Robert Rivest comically explores how scientists and artists see the world around us. Through an exciting use of mime, comedy and informative science tie-ins, Robert Rivest inspires his audience to see science in a new light. His comic examples of everyday science are educational gems, advancing many science curriculum. His enthusiasm for science is so infectious that hard to reach students are often the first to volunteer for interactive pieces.

“One Minute Laugh with Friends” You can lift your mood in just one minute! Laughing is a fun way to relieve stress and jump start your day!

“Thoughts on Love” Love as a daily meditation practice. Receiving & giving love. Touching the love that is deep inside us.

Robert Rivest's Laughter Song sung at his Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training. Thank You Colleen and Julie!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!
I would love to here your comments. Email: Robert Rivest

Wishing you Peace, Love, Laughter & Joy
~ Robert Rivest

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