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Rivest Blog Feb 2015


Rivest Blog Feb 2015

It has been a Fab Feb! Here is what I have been up to.


I have been enjoying my career more than ever and am very appreciative of the great gigs I have been getting and the awesome audiences I have had the pleasure of sharing my energy with . . .

2 (K-6) “Literacy Alive” reading motivation assemblies Lake George, NY
2 “Family Literacy Night Reading Celebration” programs, Longmeadow, MA
"Move, Laugh & Let Go" Teen Stress Relief workshop, Wethersfield Lib, MA
Family Mime Comedy Show, Weymouth Lib, MA
Senior "Stress Relief & Laughter Yoga" workshop, Vernon, CT
2 “Learn, Laugh & Let Go” K-8 Stress Relief assemblies, Hartland, VT
Comic Mime & Stress Relief show/workshop, Therapeutic school for MS & HS boys, MA
2 Student & Staff “Laugh Stress Relief” workshops, Amherst College, MA
“Peace, Laughter & Joy” seminar University of New Hamspire, Durham
2 (K-4) “Learn, Laugh & Let Go” interactive stress relief assemblies, Broadbrook, CT
Assisted & Independent Living “Mindful Tai-Chi & Laughter Yoga” Ludlow, MA
4 Laughter Yoga Clubs :) East Longmeadow, MA


True love will always find you.
You are love.
Open to it, receive it,
Know it, be it, share it.


Peace is available
In this moment
In this breath, in this ‘now’
Your beautiful little smile
Helps soften the process
And leads the way
To peace


A few days back
I cried in the shower
For a friend
For a friend

These salt water tears
Will wind up in the ocean
In the end
In the end

They say, “Everything happens for a reason”
They say, “Trust in God”
“Trust the Universe”
“Trust . . . The Way”

It is easy to do
Or so it seems
On a bright sunny day

It is in these dark moments
However, that we need to
Reach within us and reach beyond us
Connect with love (within and around you)

Open to the gifts you have
The gifts you are
And . . be One with a higher power

Open with love
Open with peace and ease
Open like a one thousand
Petal flower
Love, love, love



If you are having a tough moment, day or season, change is in the air. Feelings come and go. Breathe and let go. The sun will rise on you again, peace will fill your heart again, joy will fill your beautiful smile.
You can do it. You can bring light and love to this situation, this moment, this life.

Flick the switch
Turn the key

Be light
Be love
Be free

The words we use in our minds and when we speak to each other can heal or harm. Please use healing words today for yourself and others.
Be present when you are with loved ones, know and be grateful you are there, they are there and that you are connected with love.

Fun Moment:
After an Elementary School performance recently, a young boy leaving with his class said ” Did you go to ‘Funny College’ or somethin’ cause you’re the funniest person I ever met!” Earlier a young girl motioned me over and in a soft, sweet, shy voice said “Can you be my grandfather?”


Robert Rivest's "Happiness Exercise Program" Mindful Tai-Chi, Creative Laughter Yoga, Peaceful Guided Relaxation & Positive Message for peace, love, laughter & Joy.

Want more happiness? Celebrate other people’s Joy. Laugh along happiness Laughter Yoga exercise with Robert Rivest

Robert Rivest 2015 Japan Tour Greeting. Japanese info/sign-up http://robertinjpn.wix.com/2015 English info https://www.robertrivest.com/laughtery... 8 New Seminars in Japan!

Funny comic mime/laughter yoga of Robert Rivest doing American Football Laughter Yoga exercise.

March is looking marvelous too! I will be doing a Laughter Yoga Leader training March 14-15 if you would like to be certified or just have fun. :) Laughter Yoga Leader Training - Get Certified with Robert Rivest!

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog!
I would love to here your comments. Email: Robert Rivest

Wishing you Peace, Love, Laughter & Joy
~ Robert Rivest

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