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Rivest Blog April 2015


Rivest Blog April 2015

April was an awesome month of celebrating health, reading and laughter!


I jumped into Spring with some wonderful experiences sharing health, laughter and a love of reading with some great audiences of all ages.

Here are a few of the places I visited in April:
2 Laughter Yoga Wellness Elementary School Programs, Milton, NH
2 “Literacy Alive” Elementary School Programs, Coventry RI
2 “Healthy Choices” Intermediate School Programs Tolland, Ct
2 Reading Celebration Elementary School Programs, N. Providence, RI
2 Every Hero Has A Story Library Programs, Windstead, CT & Jamaica Plain, MA
Peace, Laughter and Joy Seminar, University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Peace, Laughter and Joy Workshop, Rhode Island Yoga Festival, Providence, RI
“Mime & Haiku” Middle School Day Residency, Wilbraham, MA
“Healthy Choices - Healthy Lives” Middle School Anti D&S Awareness Week, South Windsor, CT
Laugh for Your Health - Volunteer Breakfast, Rockville Hospital, CT
Mindful Tai-Chi & Laughter Yoga for Seniors, Ludlow, MA


My laughing heart
Loves your laughing heart
We are One
Laughing universe


Sometimes you need to sink your roots deep in the Earth.
Sometimes you need to let your branches reach up towards the light in the Sky.
Sometimes you need to bend in the Wind.
Sometimes you need to do all three.


You are beautiful
All of the love
In the universe
Shines through
Your bright eyes
And radiant smile

You are beautiful
Your love is a rising wave
Your love has been set free
Hold nothing back
Let us have it all
Your love is an endless sea.


F o r g i v e n e s s

I am not writing this to upset you, to challenge you, or to change your mind. I am writing to share how I feel. The Boston bombing trial, a recent loss, and the upcoming domestic violence event in memory of my sister Carol have my emotions flowing. I know what it feels like to hurt so bad you want to hurt the person who caused you pain. I know what it feels like to want to kill the person who killed your loved one. If I was there the night my sister’s boyfriend shot and killed her I might have killed him then and there, or if we lived in another day and time I would have hunted him down and shot him. Yes, this is me the fb poster and YouTuber you know as “Mr. Positive.” hahaha.

I am glad I did not kill him. I am happy that I have used the energy of this shocking life altering incident to transform my life and to work towards inner and outer peace. It took time. It took looking deep inside myself. It took touching the true essence of life. It took knowing that I want to live in peace. I want to live in love. I want to live a joyful life. It took letting go. It took . . . forgiveness.
Mindful living heals. I practice receiving and giving love daily. Receiving unconditional love from people around the world in meditation halls and LY clubs sending it to all beings. I open my heart, mind, body and soul to receive unconditional love from god, the universe and nature . . . then I send this abundant love to all beings everywhere. Yes, even to the person that killed my sister.

Should people be punished for their crimes YES. Do I wish he got a life sentence YES (he was out after 8 years) Do I wish him harm? NO. Do I wish him pain? NO. Do I believe in the death penalty NO. I wish for him the same that I wish for all beings. “May all beings know deep peace in their hearts, may all beings be filled with lovingkindness, may all beings walk, talk, work, live, breathe, and move from a place of love.”

As I said, I am not writing this to upset you, to challenge you, or to change your mind. I am not looking for a debate, I am writing to share how I feel. A person filled with peace, love and kindness is less likely to live a destructive life. My mission on this planet is to cultivate and share peace, love, laughter and joy. It is easier to do some days than others, but I keep at it. It is a daily practice. I fall, I forget, I loose balance, I make unwise -unhealthy choices, but I always return to my goal to cultivate and share peace, love, laughter and joy. It is why I am here.
Peace be with you

P e a c e

I believe peace is possible. I believe peace is available in this moment. In this breathe. Peace begins with us. Peace begins in our minds and hearts. We are energy. Our thoughts, our emotions, our actions are energy. We can transform our pain with our thoughts, intentions and actions. We can do this with practice and mindfulness.
There are many tools, many “Ways” to peace, but they only work if you actually practice them.
I think peace starts with loving yourself and loving each other. Forgiving yourself and forgiving each other. Please practice loving yourself and loving each other, forgiving yourself and forgiving each other everyday.

Dear friends, everything is inter-connected. Eating healthier, exercising, getting enough water, time in nature, time with friends, a spiritual or mindful practice, and the right amount of sleep help us make positive choices that lead to positive actions.
Peace in our hearts, peace in our minds, peace in our lives is possible. See it, believe in it, reach for it, practice it, and make it happen. I believe in peace. I believe in you.

Fun Moment:
After an Elementary School presentation that I did (combining comic mime, mindfulness stress relief and Laughter Yoga) a young student came up to me and said. “I really like it! Did you learn all that online?”


Laughter Yoga Leader Training - Robert Rivest
Robert Rivest's Laughter Yoga Leader Training with an enthusiastic group! Mindful- Laughter warm-up, Laughter Yoga Exercises, Laughter Yoga Breathing Exercises, Hugging Meditation, Floor Laughter Yoga Next Laughter Yoga Leader Training with Robert Rivest is July 11-12 Laughter Yoga Leader Training - Get Certified with Robert Rivest!

Relaxation with Robert Rivest
2 Minute Guided Relaxation with Robert Rivest https://www.robertrivest.com/ Feel a wave of relaxation relax every muscle in your body from head to toe.

1 Minute Beach Laughter -Robert Rivest
One Minute Laughter with Robert Rivest on Wrightsville Beach North Carolina

Mindful Moves on NC Beach -Robert Rivest
Robert Rivest’s Mindful Tai-Chi Warm-Up on Wrightsville beach near University of North Carolina in Wilmington

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!
I would love to here your comments. Email: Robert Rivest

Wishing you Peace, Love, Laughter & Joy
~ Robert Rivest

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