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Mini Mindful Moments

7/26/2022 | Robert Rivest

How to fit Mini Mindful Moments into your busy schedule, in three easy steps.

1. Establish what would actually help YOU bring mindfulness into your life. Do you like meditation or breathing exercises? Have you ever done walking meditation? How about positive visualization, going to your happy place, repeating a mantra, or doing a body scan? You may like to sit and smile, stand up and stretch or dance around the room. Or a simple breathing exercise like 4-6 breathing.

2. Transitions. Use moments of transition to breathe, relax, refresh, and renew. Anytime you transition from one activity to another. Or any time you change your physical position (from sitting to standing, to moving, to walking . . .) Take a mini mindful moment. Really be there, in the present moment.

3. Try it here, now. Take a deep breath in and a slow breath out, before commenting.

Choose something you enjoy, and it’ll be easier for you to create this new, healthy habit, of taking several little mindful breaks each day.

I was teaching mindfulness at a corporate gig recently. I taught a wide variety of techniques: sitting, standing, walking and moving meditations. At the end of the session, the owner of the company asked “What is the best meditation for us to do in the office?” I said “Each person should do the one that they enjoy the most, because that is the one that you will actually do, and get the most benefit from.”

I believe that you’ll find the rewards to be pretty amazing. Clients I have taught this to say they experience less stress and more joy in their lives. They feel that, less tension builds up and they have more energy.

Once you have found what you enjoy, sneak in as many mini mindful moments as you can throughout the day. 
-Robert Rivest



This video shares several ways to bring a liitle more mindfulness into your life. Choose a few of the breathing exercise, or visualizations and use them throughout the day.

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