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Mime is Magical

6/30/2022 | Robert Rivest


Having a fun time sharing the art of mime with young hearts and minds this Summer! We are exploring oceans of possibilities and how to breathe, move, smile, laugh, read and create, off the beaten path. In addition to doing corporate, staff stress relief programs and laughter yoga trainings, I’ve been doing school & library programs for the past 39 years.

A young girl came up to me after a comic mime program and said “My favorite part of your show was your magical powers.” I wanted to make sure I heard correctly so I said, “My magical powers? “ She leaned in, raised her eyebrows, smiled and asked “Do you have magical powers?” I said, “What makes you think I have magical powers?” She said, “You can make the box, the rope, the robot and many other things . . . and you can become a bunch of things and all those people.” I said, “That is the art of Mime. I have been practicing that art for many years. It’s Mime. I am a mime” She looked at me, then she looked down for a moment tapping her finger on her lips and said, “hmmmmmmmmm” then she looked at me again and said “I still think you have magical powers.” Then she smiled, laughed and skipped away to catch up with her friends. 

What have been some “magical” influences in your life? Was there a performer, teacher or mentor that inspired you? Do you realize that, how and what, you do, say, show, teach, influences others? Are you aware of your positive ripple effect, out in the world? There are oceans of possibilities. -Robert Rivest

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