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Imagine being stress free

6/14/2022 | Robert Rivest


Imagine being stress free.

What does that look like to you? 


Here are three visualization exercises that have helped me feel stress free during mini breaks throughout the day.


Imagine that you are a mountain. A mountain is solid. A mountain is stable, secure. A mountain reaches high into the sky, yet is connected deep into the earth. A mountain lives, in the present moment. 


Imagine your breath is like the wind. Feel it easily flow in and breezily flow out. Breathe like a slow, smooth, steady breeze. Breathe as if the universe is breathing for you. Simply allow the breath to flow in and out, like the wind.


Imagine that your mind is the clear blue sky. Become one with the essence of a clear blue sky.  A sky that is wide open, spacious, vast. A sky that is empty, expansive, light, and free.


Now imagine that you are someplace that always make you feel calm and peaceful. Bring yourself there, for a moment or two. 


I find that mini breaks like these, help me return to work feeling refreshed and renewed. What images help you feel stress free? Where will you go in your imagination today?

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