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How to Laugh

6/21/2022 | Robert Rivest

Lost your laugh? Want it back?

Lately I have been hearing from several people that have said they are finding it hard to laugh. Here are three ways to enjoy laughing again.

1. Experiment with, what I call, sympathetic laughter. In mindfulness we practice sympathetic joy, where you rejoice in the good fortune of others. Instead of feeling jealous or envious, you celebrate their happiness as if it were your own. Why not do that with laughter? Listen for laughter everywhere, the gym, grocery store, post office . . . Rejoice in it. Imagine how great it feels for them.

2. Notice how they laugh. Not only the sounds they make, but also the movements. Give it a try. Play with a low belly laugh or high pitch laugh. A shy laugh or a bursting laugh. Can you snort laugh?

3. Now explore the physical aspects of laughing. Bend forward laughing. Tilt your head back laughing. Cover you face with your hands laughing. Hold your belly laughing. Do the shoulder giggle (have them dance up and down as you laugh.)

Whose laughter is the easiest for you to do sympathetic laughter with? What has cracked you up about a family member, coworker or friend’s laugh?

I have several ways I can help you regain, enjoy, and share your laughter. Let's connect soon.

-Robert Rivest


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