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Happy February! Let's transform our energy and mood with mindfulness.

2/4/2019 |

Happy February! Let's transform our energy and mood with mindfulness.

People have been telling me how stressed-out they are lately. In the past 2 months I have heard many sad stories in my travels.

Some folks are dealing with addiction, loss, suicides, domestic abuse and homicides, others with aging, health issues, isolation, and loneliness, while others I have heard from are working through difficulties with work, money, politics and the world in general. It can be very overwhelming.

My advice is to take one thing at a time. Just one thing. In this moment. Start with a deep in-breath and a slow out-breath.

Visualize your body as solid and upright as a mountain. Your breath as easy and free flowing as the wind and your mind as vast and peaceful as the clear blue sky.

Find something that gives you real, healthy, positive relief and practice it. Over and over. Especially when you don’t feel like it.

Find a way to







and Reframe

through it.

Not always easy, I know. As positive as I am working to be and as joyful as you see me be, I still have difficult moments and dark days. I have many stress relief tools and I practice them all. LOL

The key is to practice living more mindfuly, every day.

Mindfulness means being aware of what you are dong, in the present moment, non-judgementally.

Let the healing begin. I often feel like February is a great time to do what you really know, heals you, helps you and makes you feel really happy. 

In addition to practicing mindfulness, qigong and laughter yoga here are a few fun things I’m doing in February and the beginning of March that lift my spirits on this joyful journey.

I am booked to do:
4 After School Mindfulness programs in Worcester, MA
4 Laughter Club Sessions at Heartsong
3 Mime Theater classes at Drama Studio
3 Healthy Choices Sch Assemblies, Armonk, NY
2 Health & Wellness Elem. School Shows, West Chester, PA
1 Literacy Alive Reading Celebration Show. Quincy MA
A Family Fun Comic Mime Show in S. Windsor, CT
A Family Night Science Show in Phillipsburg, NJ
A Mindful Tai-chi & Laughter Yoga, Alzheimer & Dementia session MA
A Comic Mime Show for Assisted Living in Ludlow, MA
March 2-3 Laughter Yoga Certification Concord MA

How do I have the energy to do this? Healthy practicies of eating, exercising, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, getting outside in nature and balancing work and play mindfully.

Hope you have a fantastic February!
Hugs all

Robert Rivest

Robert Rivest is an internationally admired performer and teacher. In addition to being a renowned comic mime artist, he is also an accomplished health, literacy and stress relief educator, a gifted mindfulness teacher, a certified laughter yoga master trainer and an engaging public speaker. Since 1990 Robert Rivest has given over 8,000 presentations in Europe, Asia, Africa and across the U.S. His mission is to use mindfulness, laughter and the performing arts to bring greater health and happiness to individuals and organizations around the world.

Robert Rivest offers:

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"Be aware of what heals you and what harms you. Move steadily toward what helps you live a healthy life and drift slowly away from habits that bring you down. When you make an unwise choice, let go of the blame and shame and start anew. Healing your mind and body is a moment to moment practice. Breathe the light of awareness into your life and shine like one thousand Suns." ~ Robert Rivest

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