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Adaptability, Flexibility, Creativity & Joy

7/17/2022 |

Adaptability, Flexibility, Creativity & Joy


Something happened recently in performance, that has never happened before. Let me start by saying that for those of you who haven’t seen me perform in a few years, the way I entertain has drastically changed. Yes there is comic mime in it, yes I am still creative with my dance moves, but now I also have spoken word material and I play, improvise, joke around and have a free flowing, humorous rapport with the audience.

During my performance,  people were laughing in the usual places, and then, in one spot, there was a huge outburst of laughter. The whole audience erupted in laughter at this one moment of a spoken word/ physical comedy bit. It really resonated with them. Some of the children started to yell out, “Do that again!” 

I smiled and joked with the parents that I remembered when my children were younger they would watch a DVD over and over I guess this is the equivalent. The parents nodded, smiled, laughed and said “Yes!"

I asked the children,  "You really want to see this again?" They yelled "Yes!"  So I did it again, and they laughed even more than they did the first time.

They yelled for me to do it again. I playfully said “You do realize I have other parts of the show I’d like to share with you right?“ They said "Can you please do it again?"  I did, and there was even more laughter, than the two previous times. I promised them that I would do it again later in the show and that I would teach them the bit, so they could perform it along with me.

The whole rest of the show, if there was something they really liked. They would yell "Do it again!" and I would do that part again for them. Sometimes I would even do it backwards or in slow motion, or do a version with the character's inner dialog, provoking even more laughter. It was a blast.

I am having super joyful time performing and teaching this summer. I feel so free, so relaxed, energetic, lighthearted and playful. Happy to be alive and happy to be able to share these performances with families in person.

How has Adaptability, Flexibility, and Creativity brought more Joy into your life lately? Didn't feel great? Let me know how I can help you, your family, and coworkers bring more joy into your lives. -Robert Rivest

P.S. I am teaching an Online Mime Master Class: August 14, 2022 


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