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A Few Thoughts

5/25/2022 | Robert Rivest

Hi folks,

it's been a while since I blogged. Thought I would start up a gain by sharing a few of my most recent "words of wisdom."

Feeling for others

My heart goes out to so many people right now. Some dear friends dealing with health issues. Others, experiencing the tragic loss of loved ones. So much going on that, at first I am a bit numb to it. None of it sneaks past my protective walls. Then, slowly it seeps in. I feel the weight of it. My heart remembers what pain and sorrow are. I am pulled down by it all. Grounded like a wing wounded bird. Then my soul sweeps in to save me. Reminds me to see the whole picture, as if from above. Shows me the helpers, the healers. The love, kindness, courage, and resiliency of the human condition. The hope that, with this pain and sorrow comes the opportunity for us to unite. To do what we do best, come together. Be present for each other. Listen compassionately and be of service.

Morning Mantra
Lighten your load
Release your strife
Open to love
Look up, from your life
All in Our Own Time
When all of the conditions have been met,
and the timing is, oh, so right.
We blossom, we bloom.
And we say to the world
Make room! Make room!
Laugh at Your Own Mistakes
There is an exercise in Laughter Yoga called "Laugh at Yourself" It is a reminder to take ourselves lightly and laugh at our own mistakes. As it turns out, I get to do this quite often. Like today for example. I was editing a sentence when I noticed that I added an extra zero to something. "As a comic mime artist, mindfulness educator and qigong practitioner, Robert Rivest has been leading creative, stress relief workshops for over 300 years." hahahahaha
Hope you are able to take yourself a little lighter today. Hey, we are only human, might as well bring a little levity to our lives.
- Robert Rivest

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