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A Brief 2020 Update with Robert Rivest

2/27/2020 | Robert Rivest

Yes, it has been a while since I have blogged. Have you been following me on Facebook and Instagram? I have been posting more there. I promise to start this blog up again. What would you like me to blog about? I have been performing, teaching, practicing and writing a lot already in 2020. Oh, and I am working on a book! It will be filled with joyful insights on mindful living. I will also include humorous aspects of my life and career. Mostly, it will be about the practice that I have created over the past 20 years. It is a synergy of what I have learned from Mime, Dance, Mindfulness, Tai-chi, Qigong and Laughter Yoga.
I recently created a new section on my website called "Mindfulness." Feel free to check it out and share: https://www.robertrivest.com/mindfulness2/
And incase you are not on social media, here are a couple things I have written there: 

"When we are happy we smile. We can also smile to feel happy. Smiling meditation has been around for over 2,500 years. What is the secret of a smile? When you smile. When you lift the corners of your lips up, raise your cheeks, eyelids and eyebrows up a little. You lift your mood. When you smile the brain thinks you are happy and releases 'happy chemicals.' 

When you share your smile with others you can help lift the spirits of you and the people around you. The ripple effect of your simple, little smile can help raise the positive vibration of this planet. I am not a scientist, but I feel things deeply. I can feel the change a smile has on me and witness it in others. The vibration in the room changes. Multiply that by seven billion. Can you imagine the smile energy of 7 billion people? I can. 

It can start with an inner smile. The tiniest little smile deep inside. Then let it grow, till you glow with a beautiful beaming smile that can travel miles. All the way around the world and back.

You and your smile have that kind of power.

I believe the secret of a smile, 
Is one to be enjoyed and shared. 

Are you smiling? I am" :)
-Robert Rivest

"This is a powerful moment. You are alive. In this moment. Here, now. Are you struggling in it? Can you find the joy in this moment of your life? Be aware of what heals you and what harms you. Move steadily toward what helps you live a healthy life and drift slowly away from habits that bring you down. When you make an unwise choice, let go of the blame and shame and start anew. Healing your mind and body is a moment to moment practice. Breathe the light of awareness into your life and shine like one thousand Suns." 
-Robert Rivest

With laughter and joy,

Robert Rivest    
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Michi's fantastic video of Robert's inspirational events in Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpBITP78Kw4&list=UUAmDSD6_By1P7DmvF39Fsxw

Robert Rivest Kyoto Japan Laughter Yoga "Baby Bird" Video:


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