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Robert's Flower Story

10/12/2020 | Robert Rivest

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Robert’s Flower Story:

Two flowers grew up together, side-by-side. One flower said to the other. “What will we do in this life?” The other flower whispered “Just be.” After a long silence, the first flower asked. “Just be what?“ The second flower said , “Just be a flower” After another long silence, the first flower said “I wish I was a tree, or a mountain or the sun.“

The second flower spoke softly. “Be happy with what you are. The earth and sky, the sun and rain, came together, in just the right way to form you, a beautiful flower. Be happy with who you are, as you are, in this moment. Draw energy from the earth and sky and share your joy with the world.“ A very long time went by. Then, the first flower smiled and said “I like that. Just be, me.“

-Robert Rivest

I wrote this on Sunday after a day of mindfulness. I was doing walking meditation in my backyard when I witnessed these two flowers. 

Later I imagined what they would say to each other.

Wishing you a beautiful day, a beautiful week, a beautiful life. Do you know how beautiful you are?

Peace be with you all

With laughter and joy,

Robert Rivest    
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