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Stress Relief from a new perspective! Over the past 20 years Robert Rivest has practiced a variety of wellness and stress management techniques such as meditation, breathwork, yoga, tai-chi, and qigong. In 1997 he artistically shaped them into a lively blend of Breath, Movement, and Imagery he calls "Mindful Tai-Chi".

Mindful Tai-Chi is a clear, simple, enjoyable way to feel more alert, awake and alive, yet calm and at ease. Robert Rivest has a wonderful way of simplifying and sharing key elements of Meditation and Tai-Chi with people who have never practiced, tried or even heard of them before.

Mindful Tai-Chi
Classes, Workshops and Seminars consist of:

Meditation: Sitting in a comfortable upright posture (in chairs or on the floor) Robert offers guided meditations and simple breathing techniques that build focus, concentration, and awareness while relaxing the body and relieving stress.

Transition Exercises: A series of playful movements and light opening stretches that re-awaken the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons preparing the body and mind for standing and moving.

Warm-ups: The movements in this series are designed to increase energy, balance, flexibility, mobility and body mind awareness. As with every other aspect of Mindful Tai-Chi every movement can be adapted to fit the needs and abilities of each individual in the class.

Moving Forms: Robert has creatively combined very basic, easy to learn, Tai-Chi moves with nature imagery and mindful poetry. These gentle, free flowing movements combined with imagery rich, deep centering breaths make for a very peaceful, relaxing experience for your mind and body.

Deep Relaxation: A guided relaxation series that optimizes the health benefits from the above material and releases stress on a deeper level.

A great way to relieve stress at work, school, or home!

For more information about having a Mindful Tai-Chi workshop at your institution, workplace or event contact Robert Rivest at 413-747-5004.

What is Mindful Tai-Chi?
 Mindful Tai-Chi Workshop
What is Mindful Tai-Chi?
Mindful Tai-Chi Workshop

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