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Robert Rivest
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Learn, Laugh, and Let Go: An Interactive Stress Relief Show! Robert Rivest takes a humorous look at modern day stress and what we can do about it. He shares easy to follow stress relief strategies that allow everyone to get back to work, school, or home, feeling calm and refreshed. More

Every Hero Has a Great Story! Comic mime, Robert Rivest leads family audiences on a fun, upbeat journey of everyday heroes, super heroes and heroes from Greek mythology and popular books. This exciting program is highly participatory. More

Healthy Choices - Healthy Lives is a high-energy comedy program in which health and humor go hand in hand. Robert Rivest's humorous insights connect deeply with children, teens, and adults moving them to make mindful choices about food, exercise, entertainment and safety. More

Literacy Alive - Let's Celebrate Reading! is a quick moving fun-filled enrichment program that gets audiences of all ages excited about reading. Robert Rivest reveals the "hidden treasures" of reading and comically illustrates and the joys of reading everyday. More

Comedy on the Move
Highlights the best of Robert Rivest's 20 year career as a master mime performer, comic actor and improv artist. Through humorous mime stories, spoken word physical comedy and a zany cast of characters, Robert Rivest transforms an empty stage into pure hilarity! More

Science in Motion! is a mesmerizing blend of comedy and science that enthralls both children and adults. Robert Rivest, comically explores how scientists and artists see the world around us. More

Robert is wonderful at selecting the appropriate material for each audience, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Contact him today! Phone: 413-747-5004 Email: ROBERT RIVEST

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