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Rivest Blog Mar 2015


Rivest Blog Mar 2015

March was a merry month of celebrating reading, health and laughter!


I had a great time this month helping schools celebrate reading with Read Across America Programs, PARP (Parents As Reading Partners) Programs and Read to Feed Programs. I also had the honor of sharing a series of playful Stress Relief Programs to help people of all ages feel healthier, happier and live more joyful lives.

Here are a few of the places I visited in March:
3 “Reading Celebration” programs, Middle Sch, Hookset, NH
3 “Literacy Alive” Elem. Sch. Programs Broadalbin-Perth, NY & Dudley, MA
3 “Family Literacy Night”Celebrations, Westport, MA, & Longmeadow, MA
2 “Healthy Choices” Programs Wellfleet and Orleans, MA
“Comic Mime” @ Trinity Nursery school, Spfld, MA
“Comedy on the Move” Positive Message show, High School, Bristol, NH
“Staff Stress Relief” Middle School Uxbridge, MA “Mindful Tai-Chi & Laughter Yoga” with Seniors, Ludlow, MA “Learn, Laugh & Let Go” Stress Relief for teens South Windsor, CT Laughter Yoga Leader Training, East Longmeadow, MA


Give yourself a gift:
The Present Moment.
Breathe. Here. Now.


I am swimming in love.
I am dancing in love.
I am pure love.

This weekend I am focusing on love. Giving myself a loving kindness retreat. I am meditating on receiving and sending unconditional love. I am meditating on breathing love, being love, filling body, mind and soul with love. I feel every cell, of every part of me, swimming and dancing in love. Every fiber of my being is in tune with pure love. I am same wave as love. One with love. I step in line with love. I flow in the river of love.

Even as I go about my days, whenever it pops in my mind I breathe in and out love. I am sending love to you now. May you be in the same place as love, the same space as love. You are loved, may you BE love.


Believe in yourself
Trust the way
Let love and life
Flow through you
Night and day


Peace and joy are in our hearts and minds.
Cultivate them with kindness and care.
Then share, share, share.


You are more powerful than you think.
Use your energy for good.
Cultivate, give, serve, share.
Peace, Love, Laughter and Joy


When you accept your body and mind completely, as they are, you can relax, be at peace, be home. The more you accept yourself, the more you love yourself, and forgive yourself, the more “at home” you are in the world. When you accept yourself, your real beauty comes shining through. You are of great value to this world. Relax, settle in, be at home with who you are. Let your loving energy flow with ease and joy. Thank you for your being.

Rain or shine. The Sun is always shining high up in the sky, just as pure love is always glowing deep in your heart. There is light above and light within and love all around you.
Choose a path of peace.
A path that leads directly to health and true happiness.
You know the way.

Fun Moment:
One cool, bright morning in March I did my mindful tai-chi warm-up out in the sun on the back porch. A squirrel was watching me the whole time. Since he and most of my neighbors probably think I am nuts, maybe he thought I was a food source? hahahaha.

Wishing you a happy life of movement, fresh air, love, laughter and many smiles.

Beautiful Moment:
This month I had a very sweet experience. I did a one on one and 1/2 laughter session with a young mother and her 3 month old baby daughter. The little one was in a wrap on her mom’s belly facing me. Together we did my mindful tai-chi warm-up. When mom opened her arms, breathed deeply and stretched to the side, front and back, baby followed.

As I slowly and softly spoke the three of us breathed and moved together till the little one feel asleep. Mom and I did gentle laughter yoga exercises as her little girl slept peacefully on her mom's belly facing me. She slept and smiled like an angel. After we did laughter meditation and guided relaxation it was time to go. As mom got her daughter ready to go outside the beautiful little baby girl woke up and started laughing with her mom. It was so sweet. She stored up our laughing chi hahahaha.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with these 2 wonderful human beings. Feeling blessed. Feeling very happy to be alive. As I write this I am filled with joy and smiling a happy, peaceful, loving smile


I notice when I spend many hours on the computer working on projects that my breathing suffers. My blood flow slows and muscles and joints tense up. If that happens to you, try these breathing exercises to release tension and get the breath and circulation flowing again. They always help me breathe (and think) with greater ease. More info at: Robert Rivest Stress Relief Tips

March is National Reading Month! Of course every month is reading month in my book :) This video is an Intro to Robert Rivest’s Literacy Alive Show: A Comic Celebration of Reading! More info at: Literacy Celebrations and Reading Motivation Programs

I leave for Japan April 28 to lead 8 Seminars in 5 locations in May! More info at http://robertinjpn.wix.com/2015/ and Robert Rivest in Japan 2015

We had a blast in our March 14-15 Laughter Yoga Leader Training! 6 New Amazing Laughter Yoga Leaders are ready to spread health, happiness, love and laughter wherever they go! More info at Laughter Yoga Leader Training - Get Certified with Robert Rivest!

April is looking awesome too!
I will present “Peace, Laughter & Joy” at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington and at The RI Yoga Festival as well a number of fun programs in schools, libraries, hospitals and retirement communities.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!
I would love to here your comments. Email: Robert Rivest

Wishing you Peace, Love, Laughter & Joy
~ Robert Rivest

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